Jeff Kaplan personally dunks on Overwatch hackers in massive banning wave


On the same day that the community noticed thousands of Overwatch accounts being banned for hacking (and a huge number of top Korean accounts being banned as well), one of the accounts that was banned took to the Overwatch forums to complain.


"I WAS FALSELY BANNED FOR HACKING", the post read. In it, the poster noted that they were flattered that their gameplay was so good it was confused for hacking and passionately argued that their account should be re-instated.


And then Jeff Kaplan, the Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment and Game Director of Overwatch, decided to personally respond to the accused in the most satisfying way possible:



Ahh, the sweet taste of cold, uncaring justice. Naturally, the replies were nothing short of unanimous praise for Kaplan's candor:

"Jeff with the sucker punch.

"Slammed by Jeff, RIP to this shmuck"

"I’ve missed your roasts Jeff."

"good lord…the savagery…YES!!!"

"Get absolutely wrecked, I hope all your accounts are locked for life."


"I like passive-aggressive Jeff."




This isn't the first time Kaplan has been brutally honest with Overwatch players. In fact, Kaplan has a long history of letting gamers know precisely how he feels about any given topic, especially if that topic involves classic Everquest design flaws or, in more recent history, players looking to disrupt the Overwatch community with cheating and toxicity.


Wrestle with Jeff? Expect certain death. Or at least that is how I think the saying goes.

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