Login issues plague Valorant closed beta launch

▲ Valorant's launch has been anything but smooth. Image source: Riot Games


On Tuesday morning, Riot Game's take on the FPS genre, Valorant, entered closed beta globally and, while many were able to begin playing, many others were riddled with error messages that prevented them from even logging into the game successfully.


Numerous error codes began flooding social media platforms and the game's official subReddit shortly after the closed beta was turned on. The most common, Error 43, allows players to launch the beta client but didn't allow them to get into the main menu or do anything else. While others can be fixed by reinstalling the game, rebooting their client or restarting their computer, Error 43 is one that Riot is working to tackle internally as thousands of individuals who were given access to the closed beta are struggling to play the game they've been waiting for months to try out.




In addition to the closed beta beginning today, Twitch viewers from around the world could watch their favorite content streamer play for a chance at receiving access to the closed beta. With all the issues going on playing the game itself, Riot decided to pause the drop promotion while they focus on fixing the existing bugs.



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