Today's editorial cartoon is about the changes in the Overwatch account policy that aim to curb the rampant aimbot problem.

For Overwatch players in Korea, the announcement that came on February 14th (Local time) was as sweet as a box of Valentine chocolates. The announcement in question stated that starting February 17th (KST), only Korea-based accounts will be able to play Overwatch without a valid game license in Korean IGRs (more commonly referred as netcafes or PC Bangs in Korea).

For those who are out of the loop, these changes are aiming to curb the rampant aimbot problem that is ruining Overwatch in all regions. Korea-based accounts require a Korean SSN to register, whereas only an e-mail address is required for other regions. Since Korean IGRs allow customers without a valid Overwatch license to play the game, Korean aimbotters who get banned would simply create another non-Korean account to continue aimbotting in IGRs.

That is why, despite banning over 20,000 Korean accounts for cheating in January alone, the problem itself was not solved. Instead, it continued to persist beyond the Korean server. Since boosters and account sellers were often engaged in aimbotting as well, it was a serious problem for the game's integrity. With these changes, however, aimbotters will no longer be able to hack without severe consequences.

Overwatch players all over the globe welcomed the change, saying that it's better late than never, and that Competitive Plays will finally be free of aimbotters. After all, The second person to reach the skill rating of 5,000 was a Korean aimbotter, and there are more than enough videos showing aimbotters ruining high-tier ranked matches. It seems that Blizzard is finally willing to apply action to their mission of "Play nice, play fair".

Will Overwatch finally be free of aimbotters? We'll find out soon enough.

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