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Basic Information
Name Power Shooter I Rarity 6
Attack 255 Affinity 0%
Slots 2 - -
Option Defense Bonus +10
DeviationAverageCustom Mods3
Special AmmoWyvernsnipe
Required to Upgrade
Required Cost
Required to Upgrade
Monster Hardbone x4
Monster Keenbone x6
Quality Bone x10
Ammo Types
Ammo Capacity Recoil Reload Special
Lv1 Normal Ammo 9 Low Normal
Lv2 Normal Ammo 6 Average Normal
Lv3 Normal Ammo 5 Average Slow
Lv1 Pierce Ammo 7 Average Slow
Lv1 Spread Ammo 6 Low Normal
Lv2 Spread Ammo 4 Average Normal
Lv1 Sticky Ammo 3 Average Slow
Lv1 Cluster Bomb 2 Average Very Slow
Lv1 Recover Ammo 2 High Very Slow
Lv1 Poison Ammo 4 Average Slow
Lv1 Paralysis Ammo 3 High Slow
Lv1 Sleep Ammo 3 Average Slow
Slicing Ammo 3 High Very Slow
Wyvern Ammo 1 - Very Slow
Demon Ammo 2 High Very Slow
Tranq Ammo 3 Average Slow
Upgrade Tree
Power Shooter I

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