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Basic Information
Name Empress Roar "Ruin" Rarity 8
Attack 840 Affinity 0%
Slots 2 - - Sharpness
Option Blast 150

Hasten Recovery Lv 1

Required to Upgrade
Required Cost
Required to Upgrade
Research Commission Ticket x1
Lunastra Wing x3
Nergigante Horn+ x3
Nergigante Gem x1
Melody Effects
Notes Name Effects Additional Effects
Speed Up Self Increases player's speed. Extends effect duration. Prevents player's attacks from being deflected.
Health Recovery (S) Recovers health by a little. Increases health recovery on rare occasion. Same
Affinity Up (S) and Health Recovery (S) Increases affinity while recovering health by a little. Increases health recovery on rare occasions. Extends effect duration. Increases affinity additionally.
Earplugs (L) Nullifies weak monster roars and strong monster roars. Extends effect duration.
Upgrade Tree
Empress Roar "Ruin"

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