Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth added to MH: W PS! Arch-tempered Teostra coming to MH:W PC on Jan 4th


Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth is coming to Monster Hunter: World PS.

The Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth was first introduced in the Special Developer Update which was broadcasted on Dec 10th. The event will start at 0:00 Dec 20th,2018 and will go till 23:59 Jan 3rd, 2019 (UTC).

Hunting Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth will not be different from hunting the regular Kulve Taroth, but if you fulfill certain conditions before it sheds its gold plating, you can push it into a new “Furied” state for better rewards like rainbow-grade items.

In the rainbow-grade rewards, 4 new weapons of each type are added. The new weapons have the skills that were previously available from set bonuses or Jewels. You can also obtain the new gamma series gear made from Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth materials.

In the PC version, the USJ Blazing Azure Stars event will begin from 16:00 Dec 20th (UTC) and Arch-tempered Teostra will be added in the PC version on Jan 4th, 2019.


▲ Event schedules for Monster Hunter: World PC version

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