Lunastra Will Be Added to Monster Hunter: World on May 30th - 3rd Free Major Update Announced!


The teaser for the 3rd free update on Monster Hunter: World was just released! This free update includes Lunastra, the Empress of Flame, which is an Elder Dragon from the older series of the game.

Lunastra is an Elder Dragon surrounded by blue flame and a female version of Teostra. She could only be encountered during single player quests in the previous series; whether players will be able to encounter Lunastra during single player quests in MHW or not has yet to be seen. A new form of combat might be added since the teaser shows Teostra and Lunastra fighting against Nergigante together.

Not only that, it was announced that the ‘Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons’, the even more powerful form of Tempered Elder Dragon, will be added to Monster Hunter: World along with Lunastra’s arrival.

You can encounter the Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons during the event quests, from which you can obtain materials you need to craft the γ series, the gears that will be on top of the line so far.

The free major update will be added on May 30th 5 PM (PST). Arch-Tempered Kirin will be available for 2 weeks, starting from June 7th, and Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak will be available also for 2 weeks, starting from June 21st.


▲ Lunastra, a new Elder Dragon, will be coming to MHW!


▲ This is how Lunastra looks like.


▲ Lunastra


▲ Whether this implies a 2 vs 1 tag match between
Teostra/Lunastra and Nergigante or not has yet to be seen.


▲ Lunastra weapons & armors.


▲ Lunastra weapons & armors.


▲ Lunastra Palico Cat


▲ Arch-Tempered Kirin


▲ Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak

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