Interview with the Monster Hunter World Devs, Including Official Information on the Rate of Gold Crowns Appearing

Famitsu, a Japanese weekly game magazine, held an interview with the Monster Hunter World devs: Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, Art Director Kaname Fujioka, and Director Yuya Tokuda.


The interview included behind the scenes stories about the Deviljho update and the development of the Augmentations. One of the many subjects mentioned in the interview was the rate of the giant and miniature gold crown monsters appearing in-game, which MHW players can only make speculations about.


Yuya Tokuda said that basically the investigation quests have a higher possibility of giant and miniature gold crowns appearing, and out of these quests, the quests with even higher difficulty where they include gold and silver in their special rewards, have rather complicated conditions to meet to complete. If the opponent is a Tempered monster, the possibility becomes even higher. Also, the remaining number of quests does not influence the possibility. People also questioned the possibility of giant and miniature gold crowns appearing in Deep Green Blues and Wildspire Bolero, the event quests, to which Tokuda answered yes.


Also, Fujioka mentioned that just like how the Hadoken gesture can inflict damage, which was part of the Street Fighter 5 collaboration, Dante’s gun gesture from the Devil May Cry collab will inflict damage as well.

Unlike the Mega Man collab, which had the exact date announced for its update, the Devil May Cry collaboration does not have the exact date for its update revealed during the interview, but many Devil May Cry fans are looking forward to it.



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