Food Chain Dominator is here! How to encounter Deviljho and the Deviljho Weapon & Armors

Monster Hunter: World Ver. 2.00 update has been made on March 21st. This update includes a special quest for the new large monster, Deviljho, which has been demonstrated during a special broadcast streamed by Capcom and the new weapon balance patch.

Deviljho will make its appearance by interrupting 6★, 7★ quests after players have completed, ??? Rathian, the main story quest. Once players manage complete this quest, they will be able to encounter Deviljho when they visit the area marked with ??? on the map.

New Scholar NPCs will appear in Astera after you have collected all traces of Deviljho from the expedition or hunted Deviljho. Talking to them will let you accept a special assignment about the Deviljho, The Food Chain Dominator. You can obtain a specialized tool, Dragonproof Mantle, once you complete this quest.


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▲ You will be able to encounter Deviljho when you go after the traces of ??? during the expedition.


▲After you return to Astera, you will be able to accept the Deviljho quest from the Scholars.


▲ You can obtain a Dragonproof Mantle upon completing the quest.


You can craft Vangis α and β with the materials you looted from hunting the Deviljho. Both Vangis α and β come with skills such as Part Braker, Latent Power, Speed Eating, etc that refers to the Deviljho.

Vangis α armor has Handicraft, level 3, which has been lately used in several gear settings, although the gear setting itself is rather difficult as it lacks enough slots to equip decorations on it.


▲ How Vangis α looks like and the skill set.


▲ How Vangis β looks like and the skill set.


Also, besides the armors, a total of 14 different weapons can be crafted with materials looted from the Deviljho. The Deviljho weapons mostly have high AP but they have high stats of minus Affinity like that of the Diablo weapons so you will need Affinity-based settings.


Once you craft it, you upgrade it to a Rarity 7 weapon with just one upgrade, and 2 Augment upgrades can be made. Also, all weapons have the High Level of the Elderseal option for the Dragon Element, which will be especially effective when hunting monsters weak against the Dragon Element



■ Deviljho Greatsword - Anguish




■ Deviljho Longsword - Reaver "Calamity"




■ Deviljho Sword & Shield - Fatal Bite




■ Deviljho Dual Blades - Wrathful Predation




■ Deviljho Hammer - Devil's Crush




■ Deviljho Hunting Horn - Deep Vero




■ Deviljho Lance - Fiendish Tower




■ Deviljho Gunlance - Insatiable Gunlance




■ Deviljho Charge Blade - Oppressor's Charge Blade




■ Deviljho Switch Axe - Terror Tyrannos




■ Deviljho Insect Glaive - Grunge Storm




■ Deviljho Light Bowgun - Devil's Madness




■ Deviljho Heavy Bowgun - Dark Devourer




■ Deviljho Bow - Villainous Brace


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