Monster Hunter: World Wiggle Me This Event Quest Guide - How to get a Wiggler Head


An event (Wiggle Me This) is available from March 2nd to 8th in Monster Hunter: World. Although this quest doesn’t seem much different from other event quests, it’s the only quest that you can get a Wiggler Head α from.

Wiggler Head α is based on the Wiggler, an endemic life creature seen here and there in the Coral Highlands. This is a must-have item for hunters who love to make their outfit stand out; the Wiggler helmet is long and moves about as the player goes about their business.



▲ It is very long and extremely eye-catching.



▲ It won’t stay still even during conversations.



▲ "Ohhhh... What is this?"

This quest can only be accepted from the event quest tab if your hunter rank is over 11, and the quest difficulty is 6★. The quest involves capturing 10 Wigglers located in Coral Highlands and exchanging it for the Wiggler Ticket.


Since Wigglers tend to flee when the player approaches, they are one of the trickier endemic life creatures to capture. You have to capture 10 of these, so equip the Ghillie Mantle to make yourself less detectable. When your Ghillie Mantle’s effect goes off or you don’t have one at all, just press X to crouch and move slowly, then use your Capture Net to capture the Wigglers.

You will be able to find a number of Wiggelers on the map around areas number 1 and 3, within the southern part of the Coral Highlands. This means it is much more convenient to start from the Southern Camp and move downwards. You can find a total of 2 groups of Wigglers in area 1 and going back and forth between the two areas will allow you to capture 10 Wigglers with ease. As for area 3, use your Capture Net from the highlands to aim down at the Wigglers.


▲ You can find many Wigglers mostly in areas 1 and 3.


▲ If you position yourself well, you’ll be able to capture 3~4 Wigglers at once.


▲ It’s easier if you use your Capture Net on the Wigglers from high above.


▲ You can get 1 to 3 Wiggler Tickets randomly as a quest reward. 


▲ You need a total of 3 tickets to forge the helmet, and you might be able to get it within just one quest if you’re lucky.


Besides its special appearance, the Wiggler Head α has level 2 Wide-Range, the skill that applies your item effects to your party members as well, so it is very useful for players who tend to go for supporting allies using Hunting Horn or Sword & Shield.

Not only that, since this item has 2 empty level 1 slots, you can increase Wide-Range to level 4 if you put 2 Friendship Jewels in the slots. You’ll be able to increase it to level 5 with a level 1 Decoration slot on other armor pieces.

If you want to go for healing & buff support gear sets using Wide-Range and Mushroomancer, getting the Wiggler Head α will make it easier for you to complete your custom gear set.


▲ You can get over 80 defense if you finish upgrading the helmet.


▲ You can get Wide-Range to level 5 and Mushroomancer to level 3 with ease.

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