'Once Human' announced the release date for July 9th at Summer Game Fest 2024

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NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc., has announced the official release date for Once Human, which launches globally on July 9th (PT), 2024 on Steam and Epic, and you can pre-download the demo today, which will feature a limited-time reward that can be used in the launch version of the game.


Once Human is an upcoming supernatural-themed open-world multiplayer survival game that has already attracted the attention of millions of players around the world. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the eldritch, unknowable horrors known as Deviants nearly brought mankind to the edge of extinction. It’s up to players to work together and gather tools from the ruins of civilization to reclaim their land from the Deviants.


A new trailer released during Summer Game Fest 2024 announced that Once Human will launch globally on PC on July 9th (PT), 2024. But fans won’t have to wait until July 9th to play Once Human, as a demo for the game will be available during the Steam Next Fest event. The Once Human demo will be available from June 10th to June 17th, 2024, and players can pre-download it today to jump right in the moment it goes live.



Once Human will feature an exclusive reward for those who play the demo when it becomes available. If you log in and play the Once Human demo for 3 hours from June 10th at 10:00 A.M. to June 11th at 10:00 A.M., you will receive the exclusive Fizzy Pop carrier skin, which will carry over to the game at launch. Fizzy Pop is a blue vehicle skin with a graffiti art aesthetic, giving you a road warrior aesthetic when you finally brave the wasteland.


Once Human is currently ranked #10 on Steam’s global Wishlist chart and is the 2nd most Wishlisted multiplayer open-world survival game. Also, Once Human has received over 13 million pre-registrations from players worldwide, with 400,000 users currently active in the game’s official Discord community.


In Once Human, players will explore areas like the Misty Swamp, Depressed Gobi, and Frozen Snow Country, home to all kinds of unusual monsters. These include beings that have fused with technology, their flesh combined with vehicles and weaponry, turning them into monstrous predators. You must use your stealth and wits to survive against these otherworldly foes and avoid sneak attacks from other human survivors as you battle for control over resources.


It’s not just the beautiful and terrifying world of Once Human that has captured the imagination of fans, as the expansive gameplay options have attracted many to the game. Once Human lets players tailor their experience to their liking. Want to focus on fighting the Deviants in exciting PvE and World Boss encounters? Want to defeat other players in exciting PvP battles with precious loot on the line? Want to build settlements and play a social game with other survivors? Once Human lets you do all of these things and more.

Once Human also has extensive long-term update plans with more content in the pipeline. This includes Survival Challenges, where players compete for rare resources in intense battles among incredible, immersive, competitive environments.


The new Once Human trailer also teased brand-new content. This includes a brand new tripled-headed boss monster that will appear in the full version of the game and previews of upcoming areas, including snow-covered mountains and dark undersea regions, which will be added in future updates.


Make sure to pre-download the demo and try it out for 3 hours on launch day for the exclusive Fizzy Pop skin, Wishlist the game on Steam, pre-register for the official launch, and join the Once Human official social media communities to be kept up to date on the latest news ahead of the release date. But most of all, prepare for the battle ahead, as the fight to save humanity from the eldritch horrors is about to begin.

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