Riot Games unveils 2XKO, the new name of Project L


Riot Games recently made a significant announcement regarding the highly anticipated fighting game, formerly known as Project L. In a brief video message, Tom Cannon, the executive producer for the project, unveiled the new name and provided insights into the game's development progress and upcoming plans.


The most noteworthy revelation was the new title for Project L, now officially named "2XKO." Tom Cannon expressed the team's excitement, stating, "We finally have a name. Project L is now 2XKO." He emphasized that 2024 marks a pivotal phase in the game's development journey, with the team expanding significantly and progress accelerating.


Acknowledging the invaluable input from the gaming community, especially from last year's EVO event, Tom Cannon expressed gratitude for the feedback received. He highlighted the team's efforts to engage directly with fighting game communities worldwide, leveraging online feedback, playtests, and event participation to enhance the game's development.


Looking ahead to 2024, Tom Cannon unveiled plans to deepen community engagement and provide more opportunities for players to experience the game firsthand. This includes pop-up events featuring playable demos, starting with EVO Japan in April, aimed at fostering direct interaction with fans and gathering feedback.


Tom also hinted at the possibility of at-home playtesting initiatives, underscoring Riot Games' commitment to involving the community in shaping the game's evolution. Furthermore, he announced plans for the full launch of 2XKO in 2025 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X, and PC platforms, encouraging fans to register for testing opportunities on


To participate in future game tests and stay updated on the latest developments, fans are invited to visit and complete a brief survey. This initiative reflects Riot Games' dedication to ensuring that the community remains integral to the evolution of 2XKO, promising an immersive and collaborative gaming experience like never before.


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