T1 Faker on facing Deft and Bdd 100 times: "I'm grateful because having opponents I can face 100 times like this is a blessing."


On Feb. 24, 2024, T1 and KT Rolster faced off in the LCK Spring Split. The winner of the Telecom Derby was none other than T1. The entire team performed well to secure a 2-0 sweep. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok and Ryu "Keria" Min-seok, who were selected as Players of the Games after the match, had an interview with Yoon Soo-bin after the match.



A clean 2-0 victory. Thoughts on the win?


Faker: In our last match against Nongshim RedForce, we had a 2-1 win, so we really wanted to win this game 2-0, and I'm satisfied because our performance was good and mistakes were minimal.


Keria: I'm satisfied with today's clean performance.


Corki got nerfed, yet you picked it and won again.


Faker: There were some nerfs, but since the skills didn't change significantly, I thought it could still be utilized depending on the situation, so I picked it.


You’re on a 20-game winning streak playing Corki. Thoughts on the record?


Faker: I don't know why, but it feels good to win a lot.


The Senna-Nautilus comp is on an 8-game winning streak. What are T1’s thoughts on Senna?


Keria: In the case of Senna, many teams in the LCK overall rate her highly. Since all teams consider her OP, we do too. It’s a good champion at the moment.


When KT attempted Baron in game 1, it seemed like T1 already knew and reacted accordingly. How did you assess the situation?


Faker: Seeing that the opponents weren't showing up on the bottom side, we thought they might be doing Baron, so we followed them.


(To Keria) Today, you achieved 300 LCK wins. How do you feel?


Keria: I can't believe I've already achieved 300 wins, and I'm grateful because it was possible thanks to many good teammates and fans.


Faker: Congratulations.


It was a matchup against BeryL. What aspects did you pay attention to?


Keria: We thought a lot of KT’s power comes Pyosik and BeryL, so we tried to lock them up. I thought that if we blocked them well, our chances of winning would increase, so I prepared hard.

You picked Alistar for the first time this spring. What are the strengths of the Smolder-Alistar combination?


Keria: When a late-game AD carry is picked, tank support champions often appear, and we tend to pick according to this composition. This time, Alistar was a good fit for team balance.


Another record. It was Faker's 100th game against Bdd and Deft. Any memories?


Faker: The fact that I've faced them for so long itself is a good memory. I'm grateful because having opponents I can face 100 times like this is a blessing.


Preparations for the remaining Round 2?


Faker: Round 2 has started. We want to win against Gen.G, whom we lost to in Round 1, and continue to show good performances.


Keria: In Round 2, I will continue to maintain better performances than in Round 1 and work hard to perform well until the playoffs and the finals.


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