T1 kkOma: "Oner’s perfect, so there’s no advice for me to give. I’m the one who’s learning from him."


On Feb. 21, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, T1 defeated Nongshim RedForce 2-1 and finished the first round with an 8-1 record. The match was tougher than expected, but T1 came through to pick up the win. After the match, head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun and jungler Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon joined the media for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


kkOma: I feel that I say this all the time, but today was positive since we were able to gain valuable data and see what we need to improve. 


Oner: We have been winning 2-0 for a while. It’s a bit regretful that we won 2-1, but it’s fortunate that we found several weaknesses before our match against KT. There were mistakes here and there in both the draft and in-game plays. We’ll need to prepare well for our next match.


What do you think about today’s performance?


kkOma: Today, we were able to try new picks after the patch, and we were able to locate several weaknesses in our teamfights and shotcalls. I’m very satisfied that we were able to see these points in today’s match.


Oner: There were some miscommunications and bad teamfights in today’s match. It’s a relief that we were able to see them before it got out of hand. We’ll be able to fix them during practice now.


You picked Twisted Fate early in game 2. What was the reason?


kkOma: You would know if you watched other leagues. Since Smolder and Twisted Fate can be flexed to other lanes, we considered that. In the spring season, you have to look at the long run and try and fail. Although we lost game 2, I’m satisfied that we tried it and saw the result.


Before, I used to get disappointed if the results weren’t good, but now, the failures are positive to me. Since this is my mindset, I hope the players can play more comfortably without feeling any burden. New attempts are always positive.


How do you interpret this patch?


kkOma: There are more picks that can be flexed, so we should step back and see a bit. Taliyah was already good and it seems that it got even better. However, it’s a 5v5 game, not a 1v1 game, so we’ll need to keep on researching which compositions are better.


Your next match is against KT Rolster.


kkOma: I believe KT Rolster is a very strong team. We’ll need to prepare a strategy tailored to face them, in both macro and draft. If we improve what we do well, I believe we’ll be able to win.


Oner: If we look back at today’s match for feedback and play our strengths, we’ll be able to beat KT. They’re a very strong team, but if we prepare well, we can beat them.


Today was Oner’s debut 3-year anniversary. A word to the fans?


Oner: It’s surprising that three years have already passed since I became a pro gamer. I’m happy and amazed. Fans and my agency prepared a lot of stuff for today. The fans rented a cafe for an event for me. I went there before the fans visited, and it was so amazing. The agency prepared some snacks for the fans who visited LoL Park today. Thank you always for all the support. It’s been three years, and I’ll work hard to make it much longer than that.


What was the best and worst moments of your 3-year career?


Oner: To make it short, my worst was when we lost in the finals at Worlds, and my best was when we won Worlds.


How do you think you improved over the three years?


Oner: I used to get angry and was hard on myself when we lost, but now, I don’t get too disappointed from losses. I rather consider the losses as motivation to get better. 


You’ve achieved quite a lot in the three years. What’s your goal for the next three years?


Oner: One goal is to win the gold medal at the Asian Games. Another is to win Worlds again. Before all that, my first priority is to stay healthy and make sure I don’t burn out.


The other players gave a hint about their championship skins. Do you have anything to share?


Oner: I believe Riot makes skins really well. I added my opinion a bit, but I trust that they would make it cool. I think it’ll come out well.


(To kkOma) Do you have any advice for Oner?


kkOma: Oner’s perfect, so there’s no advice for me to give. I’m the one who’s learning from him. He’s a strong person. I hope he stays this way and stays healthy.


Any last comments?


kkOma: Thanks to the fans who always cheer for us. Also, thanks to the players and staff who work hard. I’ll do my best to prepare for our next match well and show a good performance.


Oner: Thank you to the fans who cheered for me over the three years. I’ll work harder to show a good performance and fun games.

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