[Exclusive] Blackrock ‘n’ Roll revealed for Hearthstone expansion: Festival of Legends

Blackrock ‘n’ Roll


Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Type: Spell

Mana: 5


Give all minions in your deck Attack and Health equal to their Cost.


Developer's comment: Voone's hardcore fanbase started when he sold out entire coliseums on his Zandalar tour. Since then, his fanbase has grown from big to HUGE! His newest song, Blackrock 'n' Roll, was made for the fans that rock the hardest - the bigger the minion, the bigger the buff!




E.T.C. is gathering the greatest musicians from all over Azeroth to put on the biggest music festival in history. From rock to hip-hop, and from metal to pop, every class is putting on a show. Start tuning your instruments and working on your harmonies, the next act is the Festival of Legends! In this expansion, musicians are legendary minions, and pieces of music are legendary spells. 


Blackrock and rock ‘n roll have appeared in World of Warcraft before. The band, ‘Tauren Chieftains’, appears in the Grim Guzzler of Blackrock Depths, every night at 8 o’clock, and plays rock music. If you enter /cheer, you can gain a buff, and the new card seems to be motivated by that.


▲ You can hear rock music when you get close. The flashy stage effects are a bonus.


Hearthstone’s Blackrock ‘n’ Roll is a 5-cost legendary spell, which grants minions in the deck attack and health equal to their costs. It is similar to Lor’themar Theron in regard to enhancing the minions in the deck by a big margin.


▲ Like Lor’themar Theron, you can enhance the stats of your minions.



Blackrock ‘n’ Roll gives more stats to high-cost cards than Lor’themar Theron. Minions that have lower stats than their cost can gain a big buff — those that have a great ability, but have low stats are the biggest beneficiaries.


For example, Invincible is an 8-mana minion, but due to its ability in Reborn, Battlecry, and Deathrattle, its stats are only 5/5. If it gets buffed from Blackrock ‘n’ Roll, it becomes 13/13, which is more than double its original stats.


▲ Invincible becomes a 13/13 minion after getting buffed by Blackrock ‘n’ Roll.



The sooner you use the spell, the better it is, but there aren’t many ways Warriors can reduce the cost of spells, so it’s very likely that you would have to play it on the 5th turn, so the tempo would be the issue. Murkwater Scribe might help, but that’s practically the only way to use it earlier. 


Also, Warriors currently lack ways to draw cards, which means it would be difficult to draw the buffed minions from your deck. To benefit much from Blackrock ‘n’ Roll, the minions in your deck should be heavy, and that would make it difficult for you to form your deck. Most likely, the meta would have to shift to a slower one for it to be utilized fully.



Warriors are having a hard time in the recent meta. There have been a few balance patches, but not much has changed. Many meta decks rose and fell, but Warriors didn’t have a place. Blizzard announced “Soloists” to be coming into the game, which has an effect when there are no minions you’re controlling, so Warriors and Blackrock ‘n’ Roll might just have a good chance.


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