Will the 900W Nvidia GeForce Card be a Step Too Far in the Right Direction?

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When choosing a graphics card for their computer, many will think about an Nvidia GeForce card – especially if they are aiming for a high-end spec that is able to support the latest games. One of the latest models is the 900W. However, this is a very powerful graphics card that is drawing a lot of criticism from the computing industry. Is this a step that is potentially too far in the right direction?


What Do Graphics Cards Do?

Graphics cards are an important component of any computer. It does not matter whether they are using the computer just for their job or whether they wish to dive into the complex worlds of the latest video games, a graphics card is a key part of their setup.

Most computers will come with a graphics card as part of their system. These generate the images that you see on your display – whether this is a series of monitors, a super-wide curved one, or just a single one. These internal graphics cards will usually be good enough for basic usage, but if you want to have a much better picture quality, it can be a good idea to upgrade your graphics card to one that is a little more heavy-duty.

Some people prefer to do this themselves, others will pay for an upgrade when they have the computer built. If you know that you will be handling something that is a little more high-tech, it can be a good idea to get a graphics card upgrade when you first buy the computer.


Why Do Gamers Need Good Graphics Cards?

Gamers need to make sure that they have good graphics cards so that they can run their games as the developers intended them to be seen. When you go to download a game ready to install, you will often find that they have a list of recommended requirements on the download screen. These are the specs that are needed to run the game at a minimum. Pay close attention to the graphics requirements – if you can’t meet them then the game simply won’t load as the graphics card won’t be able to process the visual assets and show them on the screen.

Of course, not many people want to run a game on its minimum settings. Even modern games can look a little too clunky when run on the lowest settings. In the highest settings, you can immerse yourself in a wonderful world that is fantastical and unlike anything you have ever seen, or even hyper-realistic.

Many like to even look into modding their favorite games to boost the graphics past what the developers intended. These graphics packs can require a graphics card that is higher than the one that the original developers recommended for the game in the first place. If you do intend to mod your favorite games with these texture packs, ensure that your computer is up to the job.


What are the Issues with the 900W Nvidia GeForce Card?

The major issue with the 900W card is that it is actually too good and too advanced for what the average computer can handle. This graphics card is designed to such up 900W of power when running and this is a phenomenal part.

It is going to be very difficult to find parts that can manage to power this graphics card at the moment. Even if you build a computer from scratch, it is going to need some serious power consumption to be able to deliver the results that you will want to see. Though it can be an interesting experience to build such a computer, it might not be practical to run and play with.

Not many people consider the overall running costs of their computer when they choose to build one. There is every chance that the average consumption of the computer will have too much of an effect on your energy bills. Build a computer that meets your needs by all means, but make sure that it is not going to be a real drain on your utilities.

The 900W Nvidia GeForce is likely to represent the next big step in computer development. However, it might be coming slightly too early. The graphics card manufacturers can keep leaping forwards as much as they like – there is no way that they will be able to keep up this momentum if no one is willing to buy their components. This is something that we could see happening to this latest GeForce card.


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