Riot disables Chemtech Drake from League of Legends servers

Source: Riot Games

The Chemtech Drake, Soul, and Terrain have been disabled on all League of Legends servers. The news comes after only two weeks into the game's 2022 ranked season, with no timeframe given on if and when the Chemtech Drake will return — only stating "This may take time to do right, meaning there's a chance we won't bring the Chemtech Drake back for a while." Riot states that they will be looking to change the design to solve the problems with the current version, with the chief concern being on the terrain. 


According to an announcement on the company's website, the decision was made after frustration was shared on social media and League surveys over the game's new addition. "When we introduced the Chemtech Drake, Soul, and Terrain in preseason, we shared our intent for it to have a higher impact on games than the original four elemental drakes," the Summoner's Rift Team stated. Later on the post states "Our goal, as always, is to make Summoner's Rift the best it can be, and it was clear that we missed the mark this time. Thanks for sharing all your feedback and for the patience you afforded us while we gave Chemtech Drake its shot in the wild."

The news is signicant, as the developer team have only reverted ingame aspects because of backlash on a small number of occasions. The Chemtech Drake and the Hextech Drake were added before the 2022 ranked season, adding two more Elemental Dragons to the game. While the Chemtech Drake was criticized, the Hextech Drake received a far more positive reception from the majority of the community.  Chemtech Drake will no longer affect ranked games,  and additionally will surely impact the game's professional leagues looking ahead. 



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