VALORANT team stripped of victory at Champs after Riot rules they cheated

Update 12/5/2021: After further deliberation, Riot Games allowed Vivo Keyd and Acend to replay Breeze, with Acend staring up 7-0 due to Vivo Keyd using the exploit in six rounds during the original match. Acend predictably won the lopsided rematch.

Original Article: VALORANT Team Vivo Keyd was forced to concede a VCT Champions match that they had already won, after Riot ruled that they used an illegal camera exploit to gain an advantage during their defensive side on Breeze. Due to the use of the exploit in six rounds, Riot awarded seven rounds to Acend. As a result of the ruling, Acend will claim the victory 13-9 on the map, which means Acend wins the match 2-1.


The exploit in question exists on the A-Site of Breeze, where Cypher can place his camera in a spot that allows him to see through some geometry that is not intended. According to Riot, the ability to view that location is "extremely valuable" which justified the forfeiture of the rounds. According to Riot, Vivo Keyd did not check with tournament officials about the use of the spot. 


Using in-game exploits is a violation of VCT rule 7.2.6. Exploiting, which states that you may not seek an advantage by exploiting an in-game bug.


The competitive ruling against Vivo Keyd is the second major incident of alleged exploiting at the tournament, following Furia's use of a banned jump spot on Haven in their match against Sentinels that Riot argued was a bug. In that first instance, VCT officials stopped the match for 15 minutes to investigate. Sentinels player TenZ took to Twitter following the match to argue that the spot Furia used is not an exploit, and should not have been considered a violation of the rules.

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