FIFA streamer loses his mind after being perma banned by EA live on Twitch

Source: Castro

Well-known FIFA Twitch Streamer Castro_1021 was permanently banned from FIFA 22 for allegedly engaging in FUT coin distribution, a practice where players sell the in-game coins to other players. The practice is explicitly banned by EA, who claims it causes "inflation" to the game economy since players are using money that they didn't earn through gameplay.


The ban occurred live on his stream and elicited a very animated response from the streamer, who was absolutely furious at the ban and denied the allegation leveled at him by EA in no uncertain terms.

"WHAT? Permanently banned?" the streamer yelled into his microphone. "The day before the group promo stage? And I just dropped like 300k f*cking FIFA points on Black Friday! And you think I am coin distributing?"


As a result of the ban, Castro will no longer be able to trade on the FIFA marketplace. He took to Twitter, Tweeting out #FreeCastro and tagging the account for EA Sports FIFA. He has since deleted that Tweet for unexplained reasons. 


Castro claims that he didn't do anything wrong, saying "I didn't do anything, bro. Free me, man! Free me." It is possible that EA will reinstate his account should they determine that the disciplinary action was a mistake, though that is far from a guaranteed outcome.


Castro boasts 3.3 million followers on Twitch, and is well known for his FIFA content and for opening packs of FIFA trading cards on stream. 

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