[Worlds 2019: GRF vs IG] KR Reactions: "The two teams are throwing so creatively and funnily... That's what we want to see in the quarters!"

Griffin vs Invictus Gaming

Game 1

After 1 hour:

ㄴ O.U.T.

ㄴ I’m cheering for IG who has Rookie and TheShy, who are Korean!


That missed?

ㄴ Seems like it's Griffin's unlucky day.


Hey TheShy, wtf are you doing?!

ㄴ Fans shocked at TheShy’s sudden patriotism… “I AM KOREAN”

ㄴ You can never trust a lunatic top laner.

ㄴ You don’t have what it takes to have the good “Shy” name.

ㄴㄴ Just change your nickname to “The”.

Rookie?! You too???


Are they competing to see who throws harder?

ㄴ The two teams are throwing so creatively and funnily... That's what we want to see in the quarters!

ㄴㄴ LCS does that extremely well too.

Seems like Sword and JackeyLove are trying to prove who’s more idiotic.

ㄴ Jackeylove’s playing like he thinks he’s Ezreal.


Justice is ALIVE

ㄴ Game 1 was really sh*t.

???: “ADCs can win with 6 deaths?”

ㄴ “Stop f**king with me.”


Game 2

[The ShyNing(2019] 

ㄴ WTF?!


Whenever JackeyLove dies, he has both Flash and Ult. WTF is he doing?

ㄴ If top does well, Griffin gets at least half and half.

ㄴ JackeyLove = Korealove


How did iG win the championship last year?

ㄴ Last year, Ning was just nuts.

ㄴㄴ Seems like he’s not doing well with his girlfriend this year.


The Chinese guys are messing this game up for iG.

ㄴ Khan was the sage…


When you’re thinking that, Griffin starts to int.

ㄴ This matchup really gives and takes well.

???: “You’re awful Sword.”

“Simply because you suck.”


Wow, Griffin might really lose 0-3.


Game 3

???: KKOMA!!! GET ME A THESHY!!!!!!!!!

ㄴ I think it would be balanced if TheShy doesn’t do anything for 1 whole minute.


???: *Tries to muffle laughter*

When’s Doran playing?!

ㄴ It’s Sword again fml



???: Umm… Coach…?

Coach: Do I know you?


Wait, then what’s up with G2?

ㄴ They lost two against ‘this’ Griffin…?


WTF. Shouldn’t Sword play Sion and Chovy play Kayle??

ㄴ Why are they giving only tanks on Chovy who’s one of the best aggressive mid laners?

ㄴ I really don’t know what Griffin is thinking today.


JackeyLove dancing before he dies lmao

ㄴ Top class indeed.

ㄴ Class act by Chovy reacting to that lmfao

ㄴ And Sword died there...

ㄴ Sword can’t even die funnily.


OMG Chovy awesome teamfight!!!

ㄴ Chovy’s doing more than his share in all of today’s games.

ㄴ They’ll be giving Doran’s share to Chovy...


???: “Viper got a penta kill?”
ㄴ I always believed you!!

???: *Sobs*


"What? Viper got a pentakill?"

“Make me an offer.”

Game 4

They’re picking Karthus.

ㄴ Yeah, Griffin should play some new stuff.


Electro Jayce is getting clapped by Klepto Kayle…

ㄴ Now he’s getting denied...lol

ㄴ Going home AGAIN?

ㄴ Top is shredded to pieces.

Sword 2 deaths. LOL.

ㄴ If you’re bad, just play a tank.

ㄴ ??? : You said let’s swap lanes you b**ch

ㄴ cvMax, you were right.


ㄴ Klepto Kayle is 30 CS ahead?

ㄴ I don’t think we need to find the suspect.

ㄴ Sword: “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Cho.”


Top throw vs Bot throw

ㄴ It’s like, whose hole is bigger.

ㄴ Leona was too careless.

ㄴ JackeyLove has no deaths. What are the chances?

ㄴSword: I don't feel so good, Mr. Cho

Post Match3:1 IG Win


??? : Today’s recommended - SWD-061?

“Hey, this isn’t right! Did I download the wrong one?”


Chovy’s face after losing...

ㄴ It really looks like he’s going to pound the sh*t out of him...

What cvMax predicted about the quarterfinals.txt

"If we use Sword, we can have immediate success in the LCK and get to Worlds, but since Doran has a lot more potential, so even if it means that we lose some games now, we need to feed Doran some experience to use him at Worlds. Since Sword can’t play the aggressive top laner role, we need to start Doran for now even if it means the games will be close.”

ㄴ C V M A X

ㄴ cvMax, you were right...

ㄴ How far did you predict?


EMPEROR Jopssal!

ㄴ He even got the score right. lol

ㄴ He’s just someone that bets against the odds.

ㄴ He’s wrong often as well.

Even Japan knows that Sword 'didn’t become an adult'.

ㄴ Does everyone who watch LoL know??

ㄴ How in the world did this get to Japan?

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