[Worlds 2019] DWG Nuguri: "I’ve slowly convinced ShowMaker to take the rune. At first, he didn’t like Klepto, but he’s slowly becoming the next ‘Klepto Man’."

On the 14th, DAMWON took down IG in day 3 of the group stages in the 2019 LoL World Championship. With a surprise Poppy support pick and an outscaling team composition, DAMWON handed IG their first loss in the group stages. 


The top laner for DAMWON, Jang ‘Nuguri’ Ha-gwon joined Jeesun Park in the official LCK broadcast to share his thoughts about the victory.


Image Source: Official LCK Broadcast

Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel about getting the second win of the group?


I was nervous because we were playing against IG today. People have been saying that we have similar playstyles, so I wanted to play against them. I’m really happy with the victory.

How was your matchup vs. TheShy?


Our team had a stronger early game in general. I’ve had a great start with pressure from Taliyah, but I wish we had a larger return from the early lead that we’ve gotten.

You played Jayce, and once again, took Kleptomancy as your primary rune. Even ShowMaker followed suit. Why did you pick Klepto?


I’ve slowly convinced ShowMaker to take the rune. At first, he didn’t like it, but he’s slowly becoming the next ‘Klepto Man’. For myself, I thought the rune was good against Akali.

Can you explain your item build?


Whenever I took Klepto as Jayce, I ran out of mana quickly. I built Muramana on Jayce, and it was quite good on him. I’ve also built armor pen according to the amount of armor that the enemy was building.

Was the Poppy support premeditated?


We practiced Poppy, and it’s a pick that we’ve been slowly honing.

It’ll be a while until your next game. How will you prepare for it?


We don’t have matches for 6 days, and I know that we’ll be playing all 3 games in one day. Starting off with 2 wins isn’t a bad feeling, and I personally want payback against TL.

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