[2019 MSI] G2 Sweeps TL 3:0 and Lifts the 2019 MSI Trophy

On the 19th of May (KST), the 2019 Mid Season Invitational (MSI) Finals, Team Liquid versus G2 was held in
Taipei, Taiwan. Despite all the expectations for the first ever NA vs EU finals, the series was one-sided.

G2 started off fresh in game 1; they were simply the better team all-around. The snowball started from their surprise invade. This costed TL CoreJJ’s Flash and led to first blood with Jankos succeeding a bottom gank. G2 also started to dominate their upper lanes in the early game as well. The game started to snowball quickly in G2’s favor with Xayah securing 5 kills near the 11-minute mark. G2 started to win every single mid game teamfights and soon safely slew the Baron. They simply did not make any crucial mistakes and easily secured game 1.

The second game was rather quiet compared to game 1. Only 3 kills occurred up to 10 minutes. The game started to snowball after G2’s bottom tier 1 turret dive. Although G2 successfully secured kills, Impact’s Kennen managed to join for backup and picked up kills as well. Also, Jensen’s Akali was scaling fast. However, Caps’ performance on Sylas was exceptional especially his play near TL’s bottom inhibitor. After stealing Kennen’s ultimate, he jumped into the opponents using it. This led to a huge teamfight victory and G2 destroyed TL’s Nexus.  

The G2 players snowballed rapidly in game 3. With Jankos’ Jarvan dominating the jungle matchup, G2 had the advantage in every lane. The 10k gold difference in the 15-minute mark shows how fast they snowballed in this game. Again they made zero mistakes and displayed a 'near perfect' performance. G2 ended this game near the 18-minute mark and lifted the MSI trophy.

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