KT Score: "Usually, the problem for the teams that are considered weak is that they lack confidence and have slow decision making."

On the 8th of March (KST), kt Rolster played against Gen.G Esports in the 2019 LCK Spring Split. KT defeated Gen.G and was able to gain their 3rd win of the season. In the match, Score performed on stage for the first time after January. He picked Rek’Sai and his signature pick, Gragas, and led the team to victory.

The following is our interview with Score.


It’s been a while since you played, and you won. How do you feel?

It has been a while; we won a very important match. While I was having a break, it was my 7th year anniversary as a pro. Even though I wasn’t playing, so many people congratulated me. I think we won today because of all the support like that.

KT hasn’t been playing for two weeks. How did the two-week break affect the team?

If we had many games in those two weeks, we would have been rushing everything, but because of that break, I think we were able to reorganize and recharge ourselves.

What did you focus on the most during the break?

Well, I wasn’t completely on a break; I did rest, but I’ve always been helping out the team. I tried to supplement what the team seems to lack and what I lack. I tried to solve the problems we had and gave feedback to both myself and the team.

Umti said that you’re his role model and he joined KT because of that. How is he?

Umti came to KT because he thought highly of me. I think he’s a player that can continue to grow. I felt sorry for him because of the losing streak; I think he’s a player that can do extremely well.

What are Umti’s strengths in your eyes?

Umti has brilliant pathing in the jungle and has very good decision making when the situation is rushed.

What did you concentrate on the most while preparing for today’s match?

We practiced and thought a lot about how to bring out the strengths of our compositions and how to play in the early and mid-late game.

When did you know that you’ll be playing today?

We had a short break after our match against Griffin; I think it’s been about a week since I found out.

The team’s struggle went on longer than expected. What do you think the reason was?

Usually, the problem for the teams that are considered weak is that they lack confidence and have slow decision making. I think our struggle went on longer because of that.

The team is all new except Smeb and you. How much is the team synergy at currently?

I wouldn’t say that we’re at 100%, but we’re at a point where it wouldn’t be that big of an issue as a team.

You picked Gragas in games 2 and 3. Gragas is the first champion that comes to mind when people think about Score; how is he in the current meta?

As all AP junglers are, Gragas is a champion that can be used any time when the mid lane is an AD champion. His synergy with Yasuo is especially good too.

You wouldn’t be as satisfied with your performance after Game 2 than Game 3. How was the feedback?

Most of the feedback after Game 2 was for the team. Personally, I tried to comfort myself because I was too nervous; I kept telling myself not to be nervous. (It’s your seventh year yet you still get nervous?) (Laughs) Yeah. It’s been a while since I played and since the matchup gave me a lot of pressure since it was so important.

Did you watch the previous match, GRF vs SKT? Didn’t it remind you of the Nexus race back at Worlds?

(Laughs) Yes, we said the same thing while we were watching.

How does it feel winning that kind of match?

Back then, we weren’t sure that we won even after destroying the Nexus. These wins give us much more pleasure than just winning normally for sure.

As a coincidence, the three teams that reached Worlds last year in the LCK are all down low. How is your mindset when going on stage?

Currently, I play thinking every match is important and think we should not lose no matter what.

Lastly a word to your teammates and fans?

Our results haven’t been very great so the uneasiness and nervousness had gone on for so long. Through today’s match, let’s forget about all that pressure and let’s do our best to show the best performance we can.

And to the fans; there are so many people that always cheer for us; I’ll do my best so that we don’t end the spring split so helplessly.

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