SKT T1 Faker on His Latest Mage Picks: "There were many cards our team could play, and we just used one of them."


Today’s interview features SKT T1 Faker, who recently won against Gen.G 2-1.

Round 1 for the LCK Spring Season is coming to an end already, which makes each win even more valuable than ever. In today's match, SKT T1 managed to defeat Gen.G after playing a full set. We had the chance to meet Faker and ask him about the match and who he thinks is the cutest player on his team.



You defeated Gen.G 2-1 in today’s match. How do you feel?

We wanted to win 2-0 but unfortunately, we lost one game. But still, I am satisfied with how we managed to win.

You must feel very regretful about how your team lost in game 1… What kind of feedback did you get after it?

Our team made mistakes and it seemed we needed to change our picks so we talked a lot about these parts.

Destroying the enemy’s first mid turret in game 3 seemed to be the key to your victory. Who made the call?

I think it was me who made the call to destroy the first mid turret because enemies were in the top lane at then.

You’ve mostly played tanks like Galio and Urgot until the zero farm meta. Since then, you’ve been mostly picking AP champions. Is it because you were conscious of the zero farm meta?

There were many things that changed with the patch. Think of it this way: there were many cards our team could play, and we just used one of them.

Lately you've been practicing Sylas a lot. What do you think of him?

He seems fun.

Which champion's ult do you find the most fun to steal?

Um… I find Urgot’s ult the most fun to steal.

Most of your teammates are younger than you; which one do you think is the cutest?

First of all, I think Clid looks cute. And… well, I don’t think there is anyone who’s really cute (Laughs).

We heard you visit Clid’s room whenever you come to the training facility on the day you stream. Is that why you visit his room?

I don’t walk into his room, but just stop by to see his face… (Why?) Because his face is cute.

Ambition mentioned that when he gets queued with you in the same game, you are like a legendary pokemon, ‘Fekachu’ who refused to be ‘caught’. Do you have any intentions to let him ‘catch’ you if he reaches out to you?

Nope. (Laughs)

Now you will be playing next against KT Rolster in the ‘Telecom War’. Could you please share your resolution with us?

The last game for round 1 is the Telecom War, and I think we shouldn’t lose any more since we have already lost twice in round 1. So we will make sure we win and prepare thoroughly for round 2.

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