KZ Deft: "Although I didn’t practice Jinx a single time, I was just confident I’d win if I picked her."

On January 24th, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) secured their first win for the 2019 LCK Spring against kt Rolster (KT). After the match, we met up with KZ’s bottom laner Deft and asked about his thoughts on winning KT 2:0 and why he decided to use Jinx in game 2.

The following is the interview with KZ Deft.

*This interview was conducted on Jan 24.

You’ve defeated KT 2:0. How does it feel?

I thought that it would become very tough for us if we lost today’s game. It’s quite a relief that we’ve won. Now, we have time to prepare for the next match.


You faced your former team. It seemed that you put in more effort than you usually do.

Before I went to sleep yesterday, I imagined Smeb walking towards us for a handshake after we lose… It thought it would be so devastating so I tried really hard today.


Your team turned the tables in game 1 with Rascal’s exceptional play on Urgot. What were your thoughts at that moment?

Although we had the advantage, the match became tough for us to win because we couldn’t do well in teamfights. Still, Rascal managed to successfully defend our base and from that point on, we also started to do well in fights as we planned.


Why did you pick Jinx in game 2?

Although I didn’t practice Jinx a single time, I was just confident I’d win if I picked her. I thought these kinds of picks would help boost the team’s morale more than simply using ordinary picks. That’s why I aggressively said that I’d like to use her. (Q: You were that good even though you didn’t practice Jinx?) I think I wasn’t that good… I was too carried away in the laning phase and died trying to pressure the opponent too hard… Aside from that though, I think I wasn’t that bad considering I never practiced her before.


Didn’t you feel pressured since the opponent picked champions that can be a threat to Jinx such as Akali and Aatrox?

Whether a champ has a dash skill or not, a bottom laner should focus on their positioning. Then, if your teammates can successfully give you support, it really doesn’t matter.


Although it’s still the beginning of the split, KZ is not performing as well as expected. What do you think is the reason behind it?

We did sometimes do badly in scrims. However, we weren’t that bad and didn’t expect to go 0W-4L. Well, it might be a gap between official matches and scrims… Now we are gradually adjusting. I believe we’ll be better in the next match.


You’ll be facing Afreeca Freecs next. What are your thoughts going into that match?

Of course, I’d like to win every game. Still, my personal goal is to at least show that I’ve improved compared to my last match. I also want to win 2:0.

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