Interview with SKT T1 Faker: "I’m kind of growing sick of playing Lissandra, but at the same time, there is a positive side to it since I don’t have to reveal too many of my cards"


Today’s interview features Faker from SKT T1, which won against bbq Olivers 2-0 in the KeSPA Cup Round 1 Round of 8 Group D.

While SKT T1 outperformed their opponent team during set 1, they were a little shaky in set 2; nonetheless, they made it the semifinals by winning the team fights, which resulted in an amazing reverse sweep. After the match ended, we had a chance to talk to Faker about several things: how he felt about playing on Christmas, his thoughts on playing Lissandra four times in a row, and the slang being used a lot by SKT T1 players.

Here’s the interview with SKT T1 Faker.



You defeated bbq Olivers by 2-0. How do you feel?

We are still on a winning streak, but we will be playing against other LCK teams next time. We will keep trying hard without letting our guard down.

You’ve played Lissandra four times in a row during the KeSPA Cup; after that, are you itching to play a different champion?

I’m kind of growing sick of playing her, but at the same time, there is a positive side to it since I don’t have to reveal too many of my cards if I play the same champion over again.

I feel you may have some regrets about set 2; what do you find most regrettable?

I was sorry that we made many mistakes as a team.

How do you feel about playing on Christmas? What would you have done if you didn’t play today?

I usually don’t do anything on Christmas so it didn’t matter much even though I played. I guess I would have practiced if I didn’t play in the match.

I heard that ‘달달하다’ (a type of slang that means 'so sweet') is a term that has lately become popular within SKT T1; do you also use that a lot?

First, I don’t use such terms. I only use standard Korean.

(Inven: But I saw you use it on your stream!)

To be honest, I do use it sometimes.

You use your trademark ‘thumbs-up’ with several poses. Which ‘thumbs-up’ pose do you like the best?

Personally, I find putting my right-hand thumb up around the middle is the most okay pose (Laughs).

There’s talk going around that you look quite similar to Haru; what do you think about that?

I think that if you analyze our faces, you won’t even find 1% of similarity.

You said your goal for this year was to complete playing Poly Bridge, which you play often during your stream; do you really think it will be possible?

In truth, I did say it was this year’s goal, but I changed it to next year’s goal. The state of my mind has recently become better so I think I’ll be able to easily clear the game next year.

(Inven: Really…?)

...I will have a lot of time to stream from now on so I’ll try to clear it by practicing.

Lastly, any message for your fans who stayed at home to watch SKT T1’s game even though it’s Christmas?

We got to be with you all instead of Kevin (from ‘Home Alone’) for Christmas, and I hope you will stay with us in the future as well. Thank you.

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