INF SolidSnake: "I would have loved to play against Fnatic or Team Liquid... our team will aim to be here again next year for Worlds."

On the 7th, Infinity Esports played against G2 Esports in the 2018 World Championship Play-In Knockout Stage.

While Infinity Esports took game 1, G2 pulled through and took the series. With G2 advancing to the group stage, Infinity Esports’ journey in the 2018 World Championships had unfortunately lead to a halt.

After the series, we got the chance to talk with Infinity Esports’ jungler, SolidSnake. Let’s see what SolidSnake has to say about their journey after Worlds, experience gained from it, and the bans against G2’s Heimerdinger.

¤ Today was a close series, but, unfortunately, it went to G2’s favor. How do you guys feel about today’s result?

We came here with the sole mindset to win. There was nothing else in mind. The main issue we had during this tournament was that we would get leads in the early game but not know what to do with those leads. This happened twice during today’s series, and it cost us the series as well.

¤ During the series, there was a lot of back and forth action between you and G2. Was this also related to the issue you mentioned or due to something else?

I believe it was mainly because of a coordination issue. We have all the options available to play with. However, whenever we make a call, everyone may or may not be on the same page. This will inevitably cause some issues for us during mid to late game. Within these calls there are also micro calls that sometimes backfires on us.

¤ Let’s talk a little bit about the consistent Heimerdinger ban. What was the reasoning behind this ban?

We knew beforehand that Hjarnan plays a lot of Heimer on the ADC role. As a team, we didn’t feel completely comfortable playing against his Heimerdinger. Without taking any risks, we just decided to play it safe and ban Heimer during draft phase.

¤ Despite the unfortunate result today, you guys still got to experience Korean bootcamp, play against international teams, and gain crucial experience. What does this experience mean for you guys?

Individually, each member on the team learned a lot from every team that we played against in scrims. While we did learn a lot individually, we could not translate that experience collectively as a team. We will definitely take this experience and learn from it. In just one week, we learned more than what we could have learned in 3 months playing in our own region. We will continue to practice and push forward. Our team will aim to be here again next year for Worlds.

¤ Was there any specific player or team that you wanted to meet if you guys did go to groups?

I would have loved to play against Fnatic or Team Liquid. This is because these are the two main teams that I follow. Fnatic and Team Liquid are the teams I compare myself to and learn from.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say to your fans?

We are going to continue pushing forward for next year. We will stay strong as a team and motivate each other to achieve greater feats.

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