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Gen.G Removes SKT T1's Chances From Entering Worlds



On the 12th at the 2018 LCK regional qualifiers, Gen.G defeated SKT T1 and removed SKT T1's chances from entering the 2018 World Championships.

While many favored Gen.G to win against SKT, SKT did put up a fight. Game 1 was reminiscent of the old SKT. Game 2, on the other hand, swayed in the favor of Gen.G as SKT seemed to have put too much effort into going back to their ‘roots’.

Despite this, SKT was able to comeback in game 3. Banning Irelia from Faker in games 1 and 2, Gen.G let Irelia slip through the draft in game 3. Sure enough, Faker displayed why Gen.G should have banned Irelia, again, in game 3. Grabbing first blood against Crown, SKT had the safety net, that Faker provided, to snowball the game to a convincing 11-0 kill win.

In game 4, SKT secured a dominating early game lead. However, after multiple kills going to Gen.G, SKT was pushed back. Gen.G snowballed their strong mid game presence to secure Baron and 2 Elder Drake buffs. Although the pause and chronobreak in game 4 gave some much needed hope for SKT, it was not enough. Gen.G won the teamfight around Elder Dragon and brough the series to a tie.

The last game was a crushing defeat for SKT. Blank giving away two early kills to Gen.G, it was enough for Gankplank to gain a significant lead over Untara's Gnar and snowball the top lane. Although Faker tried his best on Akali, it was just not enough. With all lanes pulling ahead, Gen.G finished the series with a 3:2 score.

With this result in mind, Gen.G has eliminated SKT from going to Worlds and is one step closer to going themselves. Geb.G will be facing against Griffin for their second regional qualifier match on the 14th of September (Friday, KST). 


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