[LoL Asian Games] KOR Faker: "We all can deliver good individual performance, so that was the focus of the game. Personally, I think our teamwork was really good."

LoL Korea international team’s mid laner, Faker, and jungler, Score shared their thoughts on the game against Vietnam.

Korea defeated Vietnam and secured their first win for the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games esports LoL event. Faker and Score delivered some good early game performance and dominated the mid-jungle matchup.

Korea LoL team’s captain, Score said, “Although we did win the first game, we had a hard time since Vietnam was a good team.” Then he added, “I think it was a precious win because we were able to find some points where we need improvement on since we did make a lot of mistakes.”

The Korean international team had a hard time dealing with Vietnam's early-game plays. According to Score, he said, “We made a lot of communication and individual mistakes. We’re planning to make improvements by watching the match VOD.”

Meanwhile, Faker who carried the game using Vel’Koz, shared his thoughts on the team's strategies. “We didn’t have a specific strategy. We all can deliver good individual performance, so that was the focus of the game [against Vietnam]. On the team’s teamwork, he added, “Personally, I think it was really good.”

“I think that each of us all knows their individual mistakes. If we can share feedback on this and improve, I think we’ll be able to deliver better performance for the next game.” said Faker.

Near 2:30 PM (KST), the Korea LoL international team will face China for their second match for the 2018 Asian Games group stage day 1. 

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    level 1 Jishikatefu

    I personally think that korea goin to win

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