GEN CuVee: "In secrecy, I prayed for Kingzone and Griffin to lose their matches. (Laughs)"

CuVee smiled, stating that he "secretly prayed for Kingzone and Griffin to lose their matches."

On the 1st of August, at the Sangam e-Stadium, the 37th day of the '2018 LCK Summer Split' took place. On the 1st series of the day, Gen.G Esports defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-0. For both games, CuVee was put in split push duty on AD Kennen and consistently applied pressure to the enemy team. 

The following is an interview with Gen.G Esports' toplaner, CuVee.

How do you feel about that victory?

Currently, all the top teams in the LCK standings are close to each other. Amidst all of that, I'm happy that we were able to secure another victory today.

I feel that you guys were very disappointed with your results against SKT T1. This that match spur you and your team in any way?

I simply believe that we lost that match because we lacked in skill. And these days, I'm definitely motivated to try harder. I think it's because the competition among the top teams is really fierce right now. 

You played Kennen in both games. 

For the first match, we picked Kennen because he is a great champion for playing against Gnar. As for the second match, we opted to pick Kennen because the enemy team picked a poke-oriented team composition and had banned out all of my champions that were optimal for the situation. We decided that Kennen would be the best choice at the time. 

In what kind of situation do you play AD Kennen? How about AP Kennen?

Personally speaking, I think it's best to build your team composition with either 2 AD or 2 AP champions. So when playing Kennen, you decided whether to go AD or AP by evaluating your team's balance in damage source. 

Teleport's cooldown has increased by 60 seconds. Is it highly noticeable in-game?

I think that patch only impacted the mid and bot lane. As for the toplane, nothing really changed. To add to that, our team preferred not using Teleport outside of the toplane, so the patch didn't impact us much.

Your remaining matches are against Jin Air Green Wings and MVP.

Looking at them now, JAG has been performing a lot better recently. We'll have to prepare well for them as to not risk an upset. MVP's toplaner, AD, has been having health issues recently. However, he's a very talented player, so I can't let down my guard. We'll have to win both those games in order to stay ahead in the standings. 

Is there anything you want to say towards the two teams who you're competing with in the standings? Griffin or Kingzone DragonX?

In secrecy, I prayed for them to lose their matches. (Laughs)

Out of all the LCK teams who are at the top of the standings, who seems to be the strongest?

Personally, I believe that KT Rolster looks really strong. If all the teams remain even in score [of the standings], or the matchups remain the same, I think KT Rolster will have the biggest advantage. 

The World Champion skins have been released. Are you satisfied with how your Gnar skin turned out?

I really, really like it, especially the recall animation. Both Mini and Mega Gnar's recall animation are great.

Many are saying that the current meta really favors Gen.G Esports.

Honestly, I don't think that's the case. I think that we were only able to make it this far because we were lucky. In terms of skill, there are still a lot of things that need refinement.

Any last words?

I'm always thankful for the fans that come to watch us despite the hot weather. We'll do our best and continue to show good performance!

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