KT Ucal on Yasuo: "I think Yasuo becomes a better champion when you try to play more carefully."

On the 19th of July (KST), kt Rolster defeated SKT T1 2:1 in the 2018 LCK Summer split day 26 match 2. With a dramatic win on game 2, kt Rolster managed to dominate the last set and closed down the series. After the match, KT’s mid laner, Ucal was interviewed.

The following is the interview with Ucal.

Q. You’ve won the rival match against SKT. How do you feel?

The standings change a lot based on the results, so I thought that it was an important match. I’m happy that we’ve won.


Q. What do you think was the reason for the defeat in game 1?

We did say that the opponent might go for the Baron. However, we suddenly lost track of their positions and that was the main reason for our defeat.

Q. Game 2 wasn’t easy. The team came from behind and won. Can you explain more about the Baron steal?

We knew that we can go for a steal once the opponent hit the Baron. We thought that we were on the advantage, so the team called to initiate a fight. The opponent's defense was quite tough, so I thought we won't be able to steal it, but Score succeeded. 


Q. The team picked Yasuo for the first pick on game 3. What was the reason for it?

First of all, Faker is really good on Yasuo. Also, Yasuo and Swain can be swapped. I think Yasuo becomes a better champion when you try to play more carefully.


Q. Kingen performed for top today. However, the result wasn’t good.

The game didn’t go as we planned. I said that I’d carry the game, but I failed to. I felt sorry.


Q. Your next match is against Griffin. What are your thoughts?

I’m good friends with the Griffin players including Chovy. I think it will be an interesting match. I really want to win.  


Q. Chovy or Rather can either play in mid lane. How are you going to prepare for the matchup?

The players have their own strengths. Still, I’m confident of winning either matchup.  


Q. Any last remarks?

Chovy! You just wait! I’ll kill you. (laughs)

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