GEN Fly on Mid Sejuani: "That’s one of my own secret picks. I might pick her based on the situation."

On the 18th of July (KST), Gen.G Esports defeated Kingzone DragonX 2;0. Gen.G’s mid laner, Song “Fly” Yong-jun picked Galio in both games and delivered solid performance. After the match, we met with Fly and heard about his thoughts on the team’s victory.

The following is the interview with Fly.

Your team defeated Kingzone 2;0. What are you current thoughts?

It was my former team, so it really feels good to win against Kingzone.


Q. Your performance in Gen.G seems steady. Although it is still the beginning stages of round 2, can you rate your current plays?

I think I am delivering an ‘okay’ performance. Well, in the past, my performance wasn’t even ‘okay’. I think these days I figured out how to deal with pressure.


Q. Some say that you are rather weak in laning. Still, you managed to deliver good performance in both game 1 and 2 against Bdd, who is known for his remarkable laning.

When I was performing in another league, Bdd was performing really good. If I ask my teammates, “who is the best mid laner?”, they answered “Bdd”. That’s why I felt pressured, but once I faced him in games 1 and 2, I felt comfortable; I think he was actually feeling pressured for this matchup.


Q. In game 2, the team managed to come back from a losing state and win. What were the team calls when the team was at a disadvantage?

Our top and jungle had a hard time, so the team atmosphere wasn’t at its best. However, we told ourselves that if we manage to hold out, we can win.


Q. You are known for your diverse champion picks in solo queue. I’ve seen that you were practicing mid Sejuani a lot these days. Will you pick her on stage as well?

That’s one of my own secret picks. I might pick her based on the situation. (Q. Is it a fun pick?) Well, now that pick is stating to get boring.


Q. When you first came to Gen.G, you said that you feel awkward with Ambition. How is it these days? (laughs)

At first, Ambition didn’t really talk to me. (laughs) As time passed, we’ve been getting along pretty well.


Q. I heard that Cuvee likes you because of your good looks.

▲ Source: Gen.G Esports YouTube

Um… I don’t like the idea of it… (Q. Why?) Well, try living with Cuvee for a week. (Q. What does Cuvee do?) That is a secret.


Q. Your next match is against Afreeca Freecs. Some say that you have a playstyle that is similar to Kuro’s. What are your thoughts on this?

Last time, I solo-killed him. I’ll have to try my best and believe that I’ll win.


Q. Do you have any other things to say regarding your next match?

Today I was a bit behind on CS. Next time, I’m going to fix this problem and not fall behind. Thank you.

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