GEN Fly: "I hope a lot of people buy my teammates’ skins. You know, maybe they’ll buy me something to eat. Especially, Ambition; he never buys."

On the 18th of July, Gen.G Esports (GEN) defeated Kingzone DragonX (KZ) 2:0. GEN picked mid Galio, which had one of the highest win rates in the LCK (17W 5L), 2 times. Game 1 was rather quiet until the 25-minute mark. After winning a huge teamfight near mid, they directly went for the Baron and closed down the game.
Game 2 seemed one-sided. With KZ having the advantage, they went for the Baron. However, they hesitated near the pit and GEN initiated for a fight. They won and soon destroyed KZ's Nexus.

After the match, Ambition and Fly were interviewed by OGN.

Q. You seem to have your own ways of using Sejuani’s ult.


Ambition: My teammates think that I’m not that good at landing her ult. They say to just ignore my Sejuani’s ult. These days, I did manage to use it quite well and that's probably why I was good on today's match. 

Q. How is your teamwork with Ambition?

Fly: I think Ambition has more impact. (Q. Does he take care of you in the gaming house?) No.


Q. How is Fly?

Ambition: He’s really unique… He sometimes seems to lack common sense.


Q. Did the team focus on Kindred on purpose on today's match?

Ambition: I think it was easy for us to react. If Orn used his ult, we countered it by initiating a fight right away. It wasn’t about a single target, but it was more about where the target was positioned. If the target was a dealer and if we manage to focus on him, the opponent had a hard time.


Q. On game 2, Ambition’s ult landed on Peanut right before he died and stopped Peanut's Kindred from using his ult.

Ambition: I am not really sure about the situation. I just thought that I had to use it before I die and used it.


Q. Galio seems like a good pick. You seemed to deliver good performance using him. How was it?

Fly: I think Galio will be banned from now on. I’m always confident when I use Galio.


Q. The last teamfight was important. Can you explain the situation?


We had to win the fight. I had a Stopwatch, so we had a good chance of winning. I was lucky that Gragas used his ult and threw me to his side.

Ambition: I didn’t know that we’d win 3 vs 5. We shouted “Nice!” and went to push the minion wave.


Q. On game 2, there was a mistake near the top lane.

Ambition: If we thought more, it wouldn’t have happened. We had the advantage and just threw it away. I regret fighting since the opponent was the more urgent side at that point.


Q. There was a significant amount of gold difference; the game seemed highly difficult to win. What did you guys say to each other?

Fly: I was frustrated. Still, I knew that we had to withstand more so I had to switch stance. [Udyr joke]

Ambition: I knew that we’d gain back the advantage if we can withstand more. The opponent didn’t have a tank champion, so they must have had a hard time slaying Baron. Well, we managed to withstand. The team knew that the opponent would engage in a fight since they were the more urgent side.


Q. Rather than dominating lane phase, Fly seems to have a more flexible playstyle. Does it go well with the ‘Gen.G style’?

Fly: I just did what I can. I think my teammates helped a lot which led to better results. I do feel a bit pressured as well.


Q. Can you say something about your own skin?

Ambition: Our skins will be soon released. It’s a champions skin, so I hope that our fans who remember our good days buy this. By the way, the skins’ quality is really good, so it’s just a cool skin to buy in general. I’m going to buy it as well.  

Fly: I hope someday my skin will be made. I’m going to try even harder to fulfill that. I hope a lot of people buy my teammates’ skins. You know, maybe they’ll buy me something to eat. Especially, Ambition since he never buys. He always wins rock-paper-scissors.

Ambition: Our team’s tradition is to buy something if the person loses rock-paper-scissors. Fly loses a lot these days, so that’s why he’s thinking like that.

Fly: Well anyways, I hope a lot of people buy the skins.

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