[Rift Rivals] iG Duke on Defeating SKT: "I’m happy that we won, but thinking of my former teammates, I’m a bit sorry."

On July 6th (CST), in game 4 of the Day 2 at Rift Rivals 2018, Invictus Gaming (iG) played against SKT T1. Although SKT was ahead for most of the match, iG was able to come back and turn the game around after a few spectacular teamfights to take the victory.

After the match, Duke was interviewed.


It’s the first international stage after the members of iG changed. You got two wins, how do you feel?

Although I’ve been to several international competitions, it’s the first time for my teammates. I feel good because I’m here with them.

You beat your former team, SKT.

I’m happy that we won, but thinking of my former teammates, I’m a bit sorry.

It seemed that your comp was aimed at the early game. Weren’t you worried that you won’t be able to turn the game around?

During the game, we did talk about that, but since our teamfights are quite good, we thought that we can do it.

How was the situation in the fight near Baron? How were the calls, and how did you turn around the situation?

We were trying to cut off Darius near bot lane, and someone called that they’re hitting Baron. Since the team that’s hitting Baron is disadvantageous, we were able to turn it around.

Any last comments to the fans?

I’m thankful since so many fans cheer for us. Your support was the main reason we won.

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