HLE SeongHwan on KZ: "Since we almost won Griffin, I think we do have a chance against KZ."

On the 27th of June (KST),  Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) defeated MVP 2:0.  


Game 1 snowballed quickly to HLE’s side on the 12-minute mark when MVP attempted for the Rift Herald. HLE had vision and they managed to pressure MVP which made them fall back. In the process, MVP’s Ornn was killed by HLE. This led the team to directly head for MVP’s tier 1 turret. Although the opponent Irelia picked up a few kills, HLE won another huge fight near mid lane and soon slew the Baron. As they were snowballing throughout the game, their Zoe and Mundo hit their power spikes quite early; it clearly seemed that MVP did not have a counter for them. Shortly, HLE advanced to MVP’s inhibitors and won another teamfight. The team eventually destroyed MVP’s Nexus and closed down the game.


After the match, HLE’s  SeongHwan and Lindarang were interviewed by OGN.

Q. It’s your first MVP of this Summer split.

Lindarang: It’s been quite a while. I feel pressured [to be on stage for an interview].


Q. The team’s performance was good. Were there anything special for this match?

SeongHwan: Nothing really special. We thought about our match against SKT and tried to think of more champion compositions. On game 2, we were able to use Smite on Taliyah, but unfortunately, she was used as Mid.  


Lindarang: Using Taliyah as Jungle is better. I think I wasn’t able to use Jungle Taliyah because I didn’t earn my head coach’s trust.


Q. In this match, Sejuani and Trundle were the only Jungle picks. The two teams took turns using them. What are your thoughts on this?

SeongHwan: I think the teamwork with our laners are more important. I talked with my laners and focused on how I should pressure the enemy.


Q. You seem to have performed without any pressure. How’s your teamwork with your Jungler?

Lindarang: In the past, I sometimes performed really bad. But these days, things are working well for me.  

Q. Who do you prefer to play along with? Is it Lava, or Lindarang?

SeongHwan: I do well with Lava, but I feel that I show better teamwork with Lindarang.


Q. On game 2, what were the calls on the Top dive?

Lindarang: I wanted to make Malphite suffer in his early-game since once he gets his core items, he becomes harder to go against.


Q. Who makes the team calls when engaging for a fight?

SeongHwan: I think it differs based on the situation. We mostly focus on outnumbering the opponent in teamfights.


Lindarang: Well, we really don’t need to talk. We just know by instincts.


Q. Do you have any words for your head coach?

SeongHwan: He sometimes gives us a hard time by scolding us when we’re underperforming. However, I think this made us perform better than before. Well, I’d like to say that even if we seem a bit out of track, sometimes showing tolerance might be more helpful. (laughs)


Lindarang: He’s literally holding a whip and whipping us. (laughs)

Q. The team will go against Kingzone DragonX this Saturday. Any thoughts?

SeongHwan: Griffin defeated Kingzone 2:0. Since we almost won Griffin, I think we do have a chance against Kingzone.

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