[KR Reactions Day 7] AFs vs bbq: "They are eating their chickens down to the bones..."

KZ vs KT

Game 1

- Khan’s Aatrox? He’ll probably be good using Aatrox.

ㄴ What’s up with KT’s comp? Their main dealers are only AP mages.

ㄴ Aatrox? Is it a new champion?

ㄴ Well, he’ll be reworked… He was just becoming a good pick...

ㄴ He’s now starting to be picked in official matches… Riot come on...


- It feels so bad to see Deft dying using Vladimir. Why does he have to use AP mages...

ㄴ Deft has no choice. If he doesn’t use them he’ll become unemployed.

ㄴ It’s like dancing in a over-sized clothes.

ㄴ What? Now Soraka is picked?

ㄴ Yep, these days she is pick quite often.


- KZ’s perfomance is really good in game 1. This is what we wanted from them on the MSI.

ㄴ They should have played like this way earlier.

ㄴ BDD needs to use some carry champions. No Braum please.

ㄴ Ucal is not bad, but he still lacks performance compared to BDD.

ㄴ FACTS) Fly is still better using Aurelion Sol.


- Why is the game paused?

ㄴ There was an invisible wall.

ㄴ What kind of ‘wall’? Is it a Taliyah ult bug?

ㄴ Real talk. There seems to be a huge ‘wall’ between KZ’s and KT’s performance.


- (paused more than 30 minutes) When will it start again?

ㄴ When KT is prepared enough to win against KZ.

ㄴ The game will resume in 2019.

ㄴ Deft is so cute.

ㄴ Look at him sleeping. I want to bite him.

 ㄴ Yo guys, stop please…


- (game resumes) What? This decision took an hour to make?

ㄴ Man that was so long.

ㄴ (KT loses a teamfight) Okay, they paused to get killed?

ㄴ Well, they weren’t aced before the pause...lol

ㄴ This game is already over.


Game 2

- KZ’s Master Yi - Taric?! Lol

ㄴ Using ‘Ma - Ta’ against Mata?

ㄴ Mundo and Lulu… It’s perfect for Master Yi.

ㄴ KT lacks CC skills… Can they stop Master Yi?

ㄴ Well, every team has a counter for it, so let’s wait and see.

ㄴ Rakan will be slayed once he engages.


- Another KZ win for sure. Master Yi is already a problem, but now Lucian is becoming OP.

ㄴ Just end this game alright. I simply want to see the next one.

ㄴ If I go to the bathroom, will it be over?

 ㄴ How long do you poop?

ㄴ Ucal is good. But, he’s playing for KT...


- Why did they play so bad in MSI? They are so good.

ㄴ No one used the Master Yi - Taric at the time.

ㄴ To think of it… No one did. Lol

ㄴ AND, they weren’t against KT.

ㄴ Wow they are so good. Just look what they are doing in teamfights.


- KT is still one of the strongest teams… But, they’re losing pretty bad.

ㄴ They’re not pausing this time?

ㄴ At least, they need some time to eat dinner.

ㄴ Master Yi is strong… Lucian is OP already… But, probably Mundo will be the most frightening to face.

ㄴ There’s no way you can kill that Mundo...

ㄴ There were some interesting moments, but it wasn’t that fun.



AFs vs BBQ

 Game 1

- Can Mordekaiser show his strengths in this game?

ㄴ Soraka’s banana is quite powerful.

ㄴ Banana of mass destruction.

ㄴ Thresh seems like a powerless pick...

-(TusiN’s remarkable play) What? How did he survive?

ㄴ This is insane.

ㄴ If the rest plays like TusiN… AFs will win the trophy for sure.

ㄴ That play was crazy!

- The two teams are putting up a fight. I’m not sure which team will win.

ㄴ It’s definitely not one-sided.

ㄴ I thought that AFs will be much better…

ㄴ Ghost played a lot of Mordekaiser Bottom. Probably, that’s why he didn’t lose the Bot matchup.

ㄴ Well, that’s a new talent for him.


- Still, AFs seems to be the better team.

ㄴ Well, I’m satisfied that Ghost found his new talent.

ㄴ Vladimir was okay.

ㄴ It seemed kind of boring, but the teamfights are so interesting.

ㄴ AFs is remarkable in teamfights.


Game 2

- I heard that Lissandra is a good pick, but I’ve never actually seen her in an official match.

ㄴ In theory, she is a good pick. She can counter Master Yi.

ㄴ AFs’ clearly wants to instantly kill Master Yi. Look at their picks...

ㄴ Full of CC skills.

ㄴ It’s up to whether IgNar can efficiently use the Black Shield.  


- It’s not about the Black Shield. The opponent comp seems to be already countering ‘Master Y i- Taric’.

ㄴ BBQ has to focus everything on Master Yi, but their laners are already way behind.

ㄴ Wow… Jax is about to devour Master Yi.

ㄴ Afreeca’s pick bans are on point.

- They are eating their chickens down to the bones... (notes: bbq is a Korean fried chicken franchise)

ㄴ Their bones are about to break.

ㄴ Camille and Master Yi are the bones… They’ve just got broken.

ㄴ IgNar seems like he’s not having a good time.

ㄴ Well, you know he had to play a game that was already over in the pick bans.

- BBQ is getting smashed...

ㄴ Solo Queue: gg 15ff (15 minute surrender)

ㄴ Their sponsor isn’t a conglomerate like HLE, so it’s impossible for them to eat 1,400 dollar worth of beef.

ㄴ If it is fried chicken, they probably can. Lol

ㄴ Smells like fried chicken!

ㄴ We can lose! Because we have our fried chickens! 

- 20,000 gold gap on a 22 minute mark… I’ve never seen this before.

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