Griffin Tarzan: "The match against Kingzone will be the toughest."

The rookies did it again.


On June 14th (KST), Griffin won MVP 2:0 on the 2018 LCK Summer split day 3. The team proved once again that their abilities in skirmishes and teamfights have the competitiveness in the LCK as well. After the match, the Jungler, Lee “Tarzan”  Seung-yong was interviewed.


Q. The team is in first place. How do you feel?

I feel great. To think of it, I feel even better since we’ve won 2:0.


Q. The second game was quite one sided for Griffin. Some fans say that you are the key man for the team.

I was kind of expecting an MVP, but I think our Top was better today.


Q. The team is so good in teamfights. What are your roles there?

I’m usually the one who plans the fights and the one who seeks for object control.


Q. You are expected as one of the most prominent rookie Jungler. What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t feel pressured. Well, about my performance, we’ll have to rate it after round 1 is over.


Q. People say that you and Viper look alike.

I hear that quite often.(laughs) I think it’s because of my glasses.


Q. 'Rather' and 'Chovy' are competing for the team's Mid lane. As a Jungler, what are the differences of the two players.

They use different champions and their playstyles are different as well. I’ve played a lot with them, so I can perform well with both.


Q. Next match is against bbq Olivers.

I’m confident that we will get our 3 consecutive win this split. As long as we can focus on our plays, we’ll win.


Q. When do you think this positive team atmosphere will end?

I think our sixth match is against KZ. Probably that is going to be our toughest game. Actually, I think that every LCK teams make a difficult matchup for us.


Q. Any last remarks?

I would like to thank the fans for their support.

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