KZ PraY: "I think Afreeca Freecs will come to the finals. There’s no reason, it just feels like they will."

On the 24th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) defeated KSV 2-1. With today’s win, KZ defeated all the teams in the LCK this Spring Split. In today’s match, Kim “PraY” Jong-in played Jhin and Caitlyn very well and contributed to the team’s victory with no deaths. Especially, he utilized Jhin’s skills very well and drew good synergy with his teammates.

The following is the interview with PraY.

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I’m sure that SKT will come up."

Q. How do you feel winning the last match of the season?

The match wasn’t that important to us but I’m happy to have revenge for losing the first match.

Q. Most said that KZ is better, but isn’t that advantageous because KZ is weak to KSV.

I thought that we lost because we didn’t do well. We just thought that we’ll win if we prepare well.

Q. You dominated game 1. It seemed like everything went well from the draft.

The draft went as we intended, and we made good use of our comps.

Q. Why did you think you lost game 2?

We didn’t fight well, and it felt like we weren’t quite prepared. We just fell into their traps.

Q. In game 3, all the lanes were very strong. What did you focus on?

We focused on the top, mid lanes and the jungle, but the opponent’s picks weren’t expected picks and we were able to take initiative in the bottom lane as well. After that, we just went on well.

Q. It’s still quite intense with the teams trying to head for the playoffs. How do you think it will go?

Every team is revealing their hidden cards and I think they’ll all do their best. In my opinion, we have something to enjoy watching.

Q. Who do you think will come to the finals?

If I pick from the teams that’s already in the playoffs, I think Afreeca Freecs will come to the finals. There’s no reason, it just feels like they will. (Laughs) Some other teammates say that kt Rolster might come.

Q. You won’t have teams to play against until the finals. How do you plan to practice?

As someone who’s been to the finals quite often, we need to choose the opponent for practice very carefully. Since everybody’s getting a vacation, I think we’ll probably practice with the teams that made it to the playoffs. I think the Challengers teams are good too, so scrimming freely could help.

Q. What’s changed in the 8.6 update?

When new champions get released, we need to practice, but I’m not sure if Kai’Sa will appear. I’ve heard that she’s good, but I don’t think she’s a good ADC champion.

Q. Is there a memorable match this season?

It’s hard to decide one match. I remember the close matches. The really close match against Jin Air Green Wings is really memorable.


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