KZ Peanut: "I talked to kkOma yesterday, and he said ‘see you at the finals’. I’m sure that SKT will come up."

On the 24th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) showed how the number 1 team of the season plays and defeated KSV 2-1.

KZ’s overwhelming performance was exposed in game 1. KSV took the first blood at top with an early gank, but KZ followed close by making a kill at top lane after taking a drake. After KZ took a big profit in a bottom lane fight, they continued to attack aggressively to take the win.

In the following match, KSV had a good start from the early game. At mid lane, Ambition’s Gragas and Crown’s Taliyah killed Bdd’s Ryze. In the following fights, KZ tried to cut Taliyah, but as they exchanged kills, KSV stayed advantageous. KSV parried KZ’s ambushes and countered them with having Xayah picking up several kills. KSV took Baron and widened the difference and defeated KZ with an Ace.

In game 3, both teams’ concentration was at the highest. The balance tilted at around 10 minutes into the game. KSV’s bottom duo died to KZ’s dive. However, KSV took Baron without KZ knowing, and destroyed KZ’s tower. As the game went on, KSV had the initiative because their mid lane tower was still standing, but as Khan continued to split push the bottom lane, he managed to destroy the second tower. CuVee fell trying to block that and KZ started to attack furiously. In the following teamfight near Baron, KZ had a big win. KSV tried to defend KZ’s attacks but KZ was too much for them. As of today’s loss, KSV has to wait for the matches of ROX and SKT to reach the playoffs.

After the match, all the members of KZ were interviewed.

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Q. It’s the first 9-game winning streak for your team. How do you feel?

GorillA: I didn’t think that we’ll win easily. I’m happy that we won. It was the last match of the split and I feel good because we had a good finish.

Q. KSV was strong against KZ.

GorillA: It seemed like they were our natural enemy, so we wanted to end that. I’m happy that we did.

Q. It seems that Peanut is feeling good.

Peanut: Today’s match was really important to KSV. I feel good because it feels we had our revenge.

Q. Did you also think that they were your natural enemy?

Peanut: We lost the first match of the season, because I performed badly. I didn’t care about the natural enemy thing, but I just thought that we’re the no.1 team and we’re simply better.

Q. Peanut is getting praised a lot. Especially with Olaf.

Peanut: I think I was lucky. This kind of performance can be shown with luck; my teammates really did well, too. The staff members of the team were a big help and the fans support was important.

Q. Do you have any tips on using Olaf’s axe?

Peanut: You should just use it without thinking too much. If it hits, it’s good, if it doesn’t, you can just pick it back up.

Q. (To Bdd) You have 1,100 MVP points and clinched the MVP title. You were tied at first last season too, how do you feel?

Bdd: I wish no one becomes tied with me. I’ll be watching the following matches with a light heart.

Q. Which teammate helped you the most on becoming first?

Bdd: (Thinks for a while) I can’t really pick one, because they all were good. (Pauses) I think Peanut did really well.

Q. You turned the game around with Taliyah’s ultimate.

Bdd: I knew that they had vision on only one side of the map, so I just snuck around.

Q. Who makes those calls in that kind of situations?

Bdd: It depends on the situation.

Q. You predict who’ll get MVP well. Is it because you have an insight?

Bdd: At first, I got it right because I saw them rehearsing, and I predicted the next one to get that right. But after that, I wasn’t able to get any right.

Q. (To PraY) How do you feel winning and going to the finals?

PraY: Today’s match wasn’t that important for us because we’re already waiting at the finals. But we prepared the match well for revenge. I feel good that we succeeded.

Q. It was a match that had a lot to do with SKT.

PraY: Peanut isn’t good at hiding his expressions, but he tried really hard to today. I think he felt some pressure because SKT is his original team.

Q. PraY’s Jhin is becoming hot. Especially, your Curtain Call never misses.

PraY: Well, I do miss. (Laughs) He’s used often in foreign leagues and I think he has become a good pick. Still, he needs more research.

Q. Ashe was banned by KSV. Do you think Ashe is good?

PraY: I think I have an unstoppably wide pool of champions. (Laughs) I enjoy playing Ashe so I can use her depending on the picks of the opponents, but I was surprised when she was banned today.

Q. Your whole team plays Sion really well. Is it because you taught everybody?

PraY: I do play Sion really well, but I didn’t teach them directly. I think they learned by watching me play.

Q. (To Khan) You’re driving with Sion was quite impressive.

Khan: When you play, sometimes you want to show off, but today’s match was not that impressive. I’ll show you awesome drifts soon. (Laughs)

Q. You played against CuVee and Bang solo queue at dawn, but Bang said “Oh no!” when you were solo killed by CuVee, even though they were on the same team.

Khan: I didn’t think that would be captured. I enjoy talking to the opponents with the other team, so I think that’s why it became an issue.

▲ Khan played against Bang and CuVee but Bang said "Oh, no!" when CuVee solo-killed Khan.

Q. You had removed your enter key for a while, but now you chat a lot again.

Khan: I send only positive messages now. If we’re losing, I try to say “We can still win.” and things like that.

Q. How was playing against CuVee today?

Khan: I met him about twice in solo queue and I got stomped. It’s a relief that I didn’t get stomped today.

Q. Who do you think will get to the finals?

Khan: This is a sensitive question... What do you think, Peanut?

Peanut: I think SKT will… (Laughs) I talked to kkOma yesterday, and he said ‘see you at the finals’. I’m sure that SKT will come up.

Q. Any last comments?

GorillA: I think we finished the last match before the finals very well. We’ll do our best and deliver even better performance at the finals. See you at Busan.

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