GorillA: "Because of the Jhin buff in patch 8.5, ranged supports might see more play"

On the 21st of March, at the Sangam eStadium, the 42nd day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, KZ defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a score of 2-0. As usual, GorillA did his best and reliably supported his teammates.

The following is an interview with GorillA.

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You guys are really merciless. How do you feel winning that match?

Today's match was the first match that we played after becoming guaranteed to make playoff Finals. I was concerned at first -- that we'll drop our guard and play mindlessly. But I'm glad that we won. We'll do our best to win against KSV in our next game as well.

You guys are on an 8 winning streak -- the first time it had ever happened for your organization. Were you aware of that?

I didn't even think of that during our practice. In fact, you're the first to tell me that. I'm happy. 

Did you expect your team to make this good of a result at the beginning of the split?

I felt that our team was going to have good synergy when the new players and coaches arrived. And everything was just as I had thought. I think having two junglers played a very important role. 

What changed for supports in patch 8.5? Some had said that Lulu and Janna will start seeing more play to counter tanks.

I never thought of it like that, but it does make sense. Firstly, there was a nerf to Aftershock. Then, Jhin was buffed. I feel like ranged supports that synergize well with Jhin will start seeing more play.

What was the focus of today's match?

The usage of Jhin. We were able to take the Jhin- Tahm Kench lane in game 1. Since we were so ahead, we were able to macro as we pleased. 

Game 2 was a bit dangerous. 

In time, considering the enemy's team composition, they would've scaled better than us. It was a close call since we made a crucial mistake in the early-game. But we continued to play aggressively and solved things one by one. 

In the LCK opening match, you guys lost to KSV. Now, for the final game of the regular spring season, you'll be facing KSV. 

Many people are looking forward to that match, and we're going to prepare well for any match that we are to play. Also, it's the final match of the split, so I want to win it no matter what. But I am a bit worried since KSV does seem to have the upper hand against us. 

Please tell us about Afreeca Freecs. How are they as a team currently?

Afreeca is doing so well right now that their games almost look boring. But we beat them in both Round 1 and 2, so I'm not too concerned. But I do hope that they slow down. 

Any last words?

Our match against KSV will be the last one of this Split. We'll win and carry that momentum straight to the Finals. The Finals will take place in Busan, I hope many will come to watch our games. 

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