AFs Mowgli: "I don’t know who we’ll meet at the playoffs, but we’ll win no matter what and meet Kingzone DragonX at the finals."

On the 20th of March (KST), in Gangnam Nexon Arena, Afreeca Freecs defeated bbq Olivers and confirmed 2nd place. Today, Lee “Mowgli” Jae-ha started and performed well with Zac, and delivered a no-death performance with Sejuani to stabilize the team.

The following is the interview with Mowgli.

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Q. How do you feel confirming 2nd place?

If we won today, we confirmed 2nd place. Our coach told us to be tense and think that today’s match is the finals because it’s really important for bbq too. So I really did my best, and we were able to secure 2nd place.

Q. You’re playing more often recently. How do you feel?

I always enjoy being able to play, and I feel even better because we won.

Q. There were many jungle bans in game 1. What was your plan during the draft?

Sejuani, Zac, Olaf and Skarner are the champions that are said to be the best in the jungle. Normally we give and take a ban from those or leave only one and pick first, but they didn’t take any jungle champions and we already picked so we banned a lot. Also, we wanted Trick to have a hard time because he’s a good jungler.

Q. Kiin was the only MVP of the two games today. How did your teammates react?

We also weren’t able to predict who will get it. At first, everyone thought that it was alright if anyone got it, but after Kiin was picked as the sole MVP of the day, everyone was like, ‘Why?’ (Laughs)

Q. Your last match is against kt Rolster. How will you play against them?

Both of our placements have been confirmed. I think there will be a lot of mind games. Of course winning is important, but we will expose only the least of our tactics.

Q. Afreeca Freecs were always 5th; it’s the first time being 2nd.

I still can’t quite believe it. I do have pride that I’m the jungler of the 2nd place team.

Q. What do you think was developed the most?

We have new coaches, and the head coach taught us everything starting from the basics. He was strict in even the little mistakes so naturally, less mistakes were made.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

We confirmed 2nd place by beating bbq 2-0. I don’t know who we’ll meet at the playoffs, but we’ll win no matter what and meet Kingzone DragonX at the finals.

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