KT Smeb: "Kuro said that I'm not a good Sion player, but 90% of what he says is nonsense."

kt Rolster added another win to compete for 2nd place. On the 20th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split Day 41 Match 1, KT defeated MVP 2-0.

In game 1, Mata turned MVP’s bot lane gank into KT’s benefit. MVP followed close in the kill score and tried to counter, but as they tried too hard to deny the infernal drake, the game tilted drastically. KT destroyed most of the opponent’s buildings and as MVP weren’t able to stop the following attacks, the game ended in 27 minutes.

The next match had a faster pace. In the top gank that went for Smeb, MVP gave up 2 kills. In the following fights, KT was continuously victorious and they were able to stack three mountain drakes before 20 minutes. MVP maintained their concentration and fought well in some fights, but as KT took Baron, all of MVP’s towers and inhibitors were destroyed in no time. After pushing all inhibitors, KT pushed again and succeeded on demolishing the Nexus.

The match time for both games was around one hour. After the match, KT jungler Score and top laner Smeb were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.


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I wanted to beat him."

That was a very quick series. How do you feel?

Score: We played the 1st series today, I think the casters are very happy that it ended fast. (Laughs) We need to keep on improving, and I think we are slowly getting there. We're still lacking, but I'm glad that we won cleanly today.

Exactly what's lacking?

Score: We couldn't pull off flawless plays in scrims, so I was a bit concerned. But we're doing fine on stage... I hope our team continues to perform like this.

Smeb also played very well. How do you rate today's match?

Smeb: We couldn't play in the way that we wanted during scrims. But I'm happy that it worked on stage.

What kind of game-flow are you guys aiming to achieve?

Smeb: If our team makes a promise, all of us need to work towards keeping that promise. But I can't reveal what that promise is yet. 

Are you satisfied with today's performance?

Smeb: We did make a mistake, but it was still near flawless.

We heard that KT's teamwork got better after you guys started working out together.

Score: It was physically very straining. My legs shook for 2 straight days after working out. But I do think that it had a good effect on us.

Smeb: In my opinion, if we're tired mentally, we need to do physical things to get better. So we started working out together. Although I like working out, it was still tiring. (Laughs)

So in the end, it did help you guys get better teamwork?

Score: Yes. Our coach told us to work out for the purpose of increasing our teamwork. I think it was successful.

In game 1, you displayed a very safe playstyle on Skarner. Which moment do you remember the most?

Score: It was fine for us to either initiate first or get initiated by the opponent. However, the enemy team constantly engaged on us first -- I had an easy time using my ult.

In the botlane, after luring out Xayah's ultimate, you calmly landed your ultimate on her. 

Score: At that moment, I was actually looking to kill Rakan.

In game 2, Smeb played Sion. In a past interview, Kuro said that Smeb isn't a good Sion player.

Smeb: Kuro said that I'm not a good Sion player, but 90% of what he says is nonsense. At that time, I wasn't too great on Sion... but now, I'm definitely better than him.

We heard that PraY is also good on Sion. 

Smeb: That player just does well with any champion that he enjoys playing. I can't tell if he's actually good on Sion though.

Does that mean that you're the best Sion player?

Smeb: Yes, indeed. It's pretty obvious since I'm a toplaner.

Early in game 2, you won a 1v2. Did you think that you’ll win?

Smeb: I did think that I could win, but the dive itself was really hard for them to succeed, so I was confident.

In game 2, the opponent played Xin Zhao, which is a rare pick. How do you think of that?

Smeb: I haven’t seen Xin Zhao very often in scrims, but I’ve seen him quite often in solo queue. I was aware of how much damage comes from him, so I just thought to avoid early game variables.

How is Xin Zhao in the jungler’s eyes?

Score: The people who play Xin Zhao often in solo queue like to do brutal stuff. Like ambushing a 2 level blue or red. I’ve suffered that a few times in solo queue so I asked for a ward when I was going to the blue, but Smeb didn’t put up a ward for me saying that he didn’t have any. Ucal helped me a lot anyway, so I was able to avoid ganks.

Whose fan is it on Ucal’s seat? I think Pawn uses the same design fan.

Score: He used to use Pawn’s, and now he’s using a pink one. I don’t know where it’s from.

*Ucal comes in.

How was the match today?

Ucal: I feel good because my teammates helped me a lot.

Did the fan have good affect on you to win?

Ucal: The fan to remember Pawn by… I mean the gift given to me was important in winning today.

The fan used to be blue, and now it’s pink. Is it different from before?

Ucal: Pawn’s gift was enchanted and turned pink, it was originally blue.

It seems that Ucal’s performance will be a big help for KT. A word to the fans?

Ucal: I haven’t shown that many champions, but I’ll do my best to master other champions and show myself performing well with them.

*Smeb’s 1,000th kill congratulating video is played.

Lee "Flash" Young-ho: I’ve heard that Smeb hit his 1,000th kill, I’m proud of him as a former KT player. I enjoy watching LOL and I think Smeb is the world’s best top laner. I hope you continue to do well. KT Rolster fighting!

Hong "YellOw" Jin-ho: Smeb hit 1,000 kills. It’s an outstanding record, and I congratulate you with all my heart. I hope you can continue to do well untill your 1,500th, 2,000th kill. I’ll always cheer for KT and all the players. Again, congratulations, I hope you maintain your performance.

Kang "Nal_Ra" Min: Smeb has 1,000 kills already? When did you kill so much? You’ve got here, so let’s go for 2,000 kills! Gazuaaa! Congratulations on your 1,000th kill.

You were congratulated by the legendary Starcraft players of KT. How was it?

Smeb: I’m touched because such legendary players that I really admired congratulated me. I wish to become such a legendary player like them. I’m happy to be congratulated from them.

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