AFs Kuro: "Sion is really good, and Smeb still isn’t playing Sion, so I guess he’s really bad at Sion."

On the 11th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) played against Kongdoo Monster (KDM). AFs defeated KDM 2-0 and placed themselves at 2nd place. In game 1, AFs dominated the whole game and easily took the victory. Game 2 was a bit different. AFs had a hard time playing against KDM’s aggressive attacks in the early game. However, after stealing Baron, AFs started to attack fiercely and sealed their victory. With today’s win, AFs now has 10 wins and is placed at 2nd.

After the match, Spirit and Kuro were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.

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Q. You won, how do you feel?

Spirit: I wasn’t feeling good today, so I wanted to go home after finishing the match early, and luckily, that became possible.

Q. Fans were worried about your health since the last match.

Spirit: I thought I would get better, but it’s worse. I just want to go home and have some rest.

Q. Kuro is near the top with MVP points. What do you think about that?

Kuro: The reason that I’m able to get voted as MVP is because of my teammates. I’m thankful to them.

Q. You don’t look that well either.

Kuro: When I woke up, I felt really good, but the whole team had a cold. They’re all not themselves now.

Q. There are fans from Norway today. Do you have anything to say to them?

Spirit: I don’t know why they came today, out of all days, but it’s an honor if they came because of me. (Laughs) I wish they leave good memories from Korea.

Q. Spirit says that the one who disobeys the the shotcalls the most is Kuro. What are your thoughts on that matter?

Kuro: I think there’s a misunderstanding to that comment. When Spirit talked about the rules within the team, I kind of disobeyed. (Laughs) He wasn’t talking about in-game shotcalls.

Q. You played mid lane Sion today. I’ve heard you have an issue with Smeb (when both of you played for ROX Tigers) on mid Sion.

Kuro: Smeb is bad at Sion, so before, when Smeb picked Sion, I played him instead. Nowadays, Sion is really good, and Smeb still isn’t playing Sion, so I guess he’s really bad at Sion. Today, I just played Sion because he’s good. We picked him to play at mid lane today in the first place.

Q. You had a hard time in game 2. How was it?

Spirit: We thought that if Kiin didn’t get killed to much early in the game, all is well, but he stumbled big. So we had a hard time, but after scoring here and there, we started to feel more comfortable. We thought to endure their attacks and find a moment that they make a mistake, and we did.

Q. This is a question from a fan. What is the moment that you feel good about becoming a pro gamer?

Spirit: I feel good when the whole team cooperates to win, and I’m the happiest when the fans cheer us after the match is over.

Kuro: It’s similar for me as well. First is the support of the fans, and second is that moment when I became champion. I still can’t forget that moment. Maybe I’ll be able to live that moment again this year.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Spirit: The season is changing and the weather is changing drastically. Take care of yourselves and don’t catch a cold like me.

Kuro: Be careful not to catch a cold and please continue to support us.


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