100 Thieves Ssumday: "Because I am doing well right now, I want to meet with my fans with an even better performance on an even bigger stage."

100 Thieves Ssumday revealed his thoughts on placing 1st in the regular season.

Following the win 100 Thieves had over Echo Fox on the 18th, Ssumday, alongside his team, finished the regular season by placing 1st. Through the many difficulties, Ssumday was able to find his pace. His unrelenting focus was a much needed aid to his success. With solid play in the top lane, Ssumday helped 100 Thieves thrive.

Below are the interview responses from Ssumday.

¤ You placed 1st in the regular season. You must feel amazing.

Because of the consecutive losses we had earlier, I could only dream of placing 1st. The fact that we actually accomplished it makes me extremely happy.

¤ All the teams that qualified for the post season have shown similar performances. Currently, are you wary of the other team’s performances? Or are you confident 100 Thieves can win?

If we lost the game against Echo Fox, I think I would have had a lot of worry. Although I got to play in a relatively comfortable position, I am planning to prepare the upcoming games with the mindset to play better.

¤ Do you have any teams in the playoffs you want to particularly meet?

Since all the teams are so good, it will be the same no matter who I face.

¤ I wonder if you got a lot of praise for placing 1st?

The fans all congratulated me through Twitter. My dad, even with the time difference, had the time to watch my game and congratulate me as well. I am truly thankful.

¤ How do you feel about going to Miami?

Going to a new city is always a good feeling. Because I heard the stage is going to be huge, I am so excited.

¤ Is there any special pocket picks you have in store for the quarterfinals?

I guess I have to prepare one. Due to all the teams having similar skill level, it gives me even more of a reason to prepare something new. Since 100 Thieves is performing so well right now, I also believe it is important to maintain this state of performance.

¤ Is there anyone you want to specifically thank?

I am so very grateful that the team owner puts in a lot of care and effort into us. I also want to thank my NA fans and my everlasting fans in Korea. Because I am doing well right now, I want to meet with my fans with an even better performance on an even bigger stage.

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