AFs Kramer: "We’ll be more determined than ever because we lost [to JAG] in round 1."

On the 11th of March, in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated Kongdoo Monster (KDM) 2-0 and collected their 10th win. AFs placed 2nd on the leaderboard with set score difference and pushed kt Rolster to 3rd place. In today’s match, AFs ADC Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun dealt heavy damage and contributed to the team victory.

The following is the interview with Kramer.


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Q. You’re in 2nd place now. How do you feel?

It’s the first time I’ve been in this position, so I still can’t believe it. I’m just regretful of my mistake near Baron in game 2.

Q. You picked Ezreal after the opponent picked Tristana in game 1, and in game 2, you picked Ezreal first. It seems that you’re confident at playing Ezreal.

I played Ezreal often in solo queue, and I was confident on playing him because I won a lot. So I said if we pick Ezreal, we’ll win.

Q. KDM picked champions that are strong in the late game in both games What did you think of their picks?

Although they picked champions that are strong in the late game, their CC against Ezreal wasn’t that strong, so I thought that I’ll be able to kill all of them. I didn’t think that we’ll lose even in the late game.

Q. In game 2, you had a hard time after your top lane got killed. When did you think that you turned the game around?

We were sure that we won after stealing Baron. When I saw them hitting Baron, I thought the situation was really urgent. Before that, I just thought that we’ll win if we play slow and calmly.

Q. You’re at 2nd place now. Do you think you’ll be able to maintain this position at the end of the split?

I think everything will go well. I became more dedicated to the game and everybody wants to climb higher. Unless Kingzone makes a mistake, being 1st place is impossible, so I’ll do my best to maintain 2nd place.

Q. The next match is against Jin Air Green Wings. How are you planning to prepare that match?

We lost to Jin Air in round 1. We’ll be more determined than ever because we lost in round 1. I will be doing my best while thinking a lot.

Q. Any last comments?

I’ll be doing my best to give faith to the fans and my teammates and try hard to have fans not worry. I want to thank the coaching staff, the team staff and the fans who wished me a happy birthday.

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