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AFs Aiming Apologizes for Insulting Deceased President


Afreeca Freecs' official apology on Facebook

On the 9th of March, an apology video from Aiming was posted on Afreeca Freecs' official Facebook page. Aiming is a player that recently became the center of attention in the Korean League of Legends community for having used profane language to insult a past president that passed away.


Afreeca Freecs, Kingzone DragonX, and ROX Tigers Take Disciplinary Action Towards Aiming, Rascal, and SeongHwan

Before releasing the apology video, AFs had written an apology post on their SNS. "We're more than sorry for having made excuses; delaying our most sincere apology," they said. "It's true that Aiming used inappropriate  language in the past, and we're deeply sorry for anyone that felt uncomfortable because of it."

In the video, Aiming stated that he realized his past comments on chat - the ones that fired up the "ilbe" controversy - "could hurt other people," and that he is reflecting on what he's done and for acting without thinking. He finalized the video by stating that he'll be much more careful from now on.

However, there was still additional controversy about Aiming playing in the LCK on the 8th. Head coach of the team, Choi Yeon-Seong, came out on the interview stage that day to apologize to the fans in person. He said, "dear fans, if you give Aiming a chance, I'll do my best to lead him on the right path," and it seems that Aiming will most likely continue to play on stage.


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