AFs Head Coach Choi on Aiming: "I don’t want this kid's career ruined because of a small mistake."

On the 8th of March, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated ROX Tigers and added a win to continue their winning streak. There was a controversial issue for AFs because of their ADC, Aiming. He was punished for his past behavior. However, AFs started Aiming and succeeded to take the victory with the spectacular performance of the team’s captain, mid laner, Kuro.

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After the match, Kuro, who was voted MVP for both games, and Choi “iloveoov” Yeon-sung, who explained about the issue, were interviewed.



Q. You’re on a 3 game winning streak and you’re placed 3rd as the big 3. How do you feel?

Kuro: It feels good to be called ‘big 3’. Last year, we were lacking just little by little. I’m happy that we’re doing well this time.

Q. Is the team performing as you expected before the season?

Choi: Our goal was always the top. There were many regretful moments, and like all teams, we tried hard to overcome our weaknesses. I think our team is doing quite well.

Q. Recently, ROX was on a good roll.

Kuro: I saw that ROX was playing quite well recently. I thought they might be regaining the prowess of when I was in ROX. I wasn’t afraid of them though.

Q. Today, you were the key player. You picked risky champions. Were you confident?

Kuro: I’ve liked and enjoyed playing assassin champions from long ago. Actually, I wasn’t fully confident with LeBlanc, but luckily, it went well.

Q. You got a triple-kill in game 1.

Kuro: When Fiora didn’t die, I thought we lost, but like a miracle, none of my teammates died.

Q. Game 2 was LeBlanc. Did you know your career win rate playing LeBlanc is very high?

Kuro: I didn’t know that. Is it?

Q. As the head coach, what do you think while watching close fights?

Choi: As the coach, there’s nothing to do but believe my players. I am quite anxious while I watch, but that’s natural.

Q. What are Kuro’s advantages?

Choi: Kuro’s performance is very consistent. And as the captain, he knows how to look after his teammates. He’s a player that can boost the team’s teamwork. Kuro makes it easy to build the puzzle named “team” if I put him in the center.

Q. The start wasn’t good for you in game 2.

Kuro: I know, it wasn’t good. But the bottom lane succeeded to gain a kill on their own; we took the initiative after that.

Q. AFs is doing better than last year. Who do you think did the biggest role?

Choi: I think Kuro, as the captain, is in the center of that flow. Before becoming the captain, he used to have some irresponsible aspects. However, after becoming captain, he gained a lot of responsibility and does all the little things that bring positive results to the team.

Q. How is your head coach?

Kuro: He’s like a dad to the team. He always looks after us and cares about the team more than anyone else.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Kuro: We still have many matches left, if we win all the matches, we can finish at least at 2nd place. We’ll do our best to win. Thanks for always supporting us.

Choi: I came to interview because I wanted to say what I’m about to say. I know many people are talking about starting Aiming today. It was fully my decision, as the head coach. I know that many fans are angry about him. The process of deciding the roster isn’t easy; if Aiming was an evil player who acts up on purpose, I would have released him.

I’ve had Aiming since last June. He was always very hard working and positive. One mistake raised a big issue, but I don’t want this kid's career ruined because of a mistake. As the one who is in charge, I will take full responsibility. I might not be someone that all fans can fully trust, but I will teach and guide him well. I want to prove that my decision wasn’t something to regret by showing him the correct path.


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