Ambition on Crown's Smile: "When he died 9 times, I think he achieved the state of nirvana"

On the 7th of March, at the Sangam eStadium, the 32nd day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, KSV defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-0. 

In game 1, BBQ had the lead throughout the early-game. They constantly pressured CuVee and built a lead in kill-score by taking down Crown in the midlane as well. The lead only grew larger as BBQ started taking down the outer turrets. But Ruler's Tristana, who has been farming quietly the whole game, pushed out enough damage to cover his team - even though most fights started with Crown dead. After sharing blow after blow, finally, KSV had caught Ghost and pushed for the victory.

In game 2, KSV took the early lead. Throughout the entire game, KSV had the advantage in botlane, and they had also secured a kill in toplane with a counter-gank. However, BBQ evened out the score when Tempt roamed top and killed CuVee. As fights continued, Ambition consistently covered for Vel'Koz, as Sejuani and Azir constantly targetted him. When things started looking for KSV, Crazy made an outstanding play on Fiora and turned the tide of the game. Later on, KSV secretly takes down Baron, and the flow of the game once again fell in favor of KSV. At the next Baron timing, BBQ tried stopping KSV from taking the game-breaking objective, but in the end, they failed to do so, and KSV marched straight through midlane for the victory.

The following is an interview with the two MVP titlists of today's series, Ambition and Ruler, and KSV's head coach, Edgar.


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How does it feel taking that victory?

Ruler: It's been a while since we've won, so there is a bit of mixed feeling, but it still feels great regardless.

Coach Edgar, How was today's game?

Edgar: Our team has been underperforming in recent times. Instead of looking too far ahead, winning our immediate match today was more important. After game 1, when I saw Crown smile despite having been focused throughout the entire game, I knew that we'd win today. I wanted my players to smile whether or not they win or lose. 

Crown played Vel'Koz in both games 1 and 2. Why?

Ambition: While trying out many different things, Crown's most confident champion happened to be Vel'Koz. We also thought of the idea of playing him into Galio. We were somewhat planning to use Vel'Koz regardless of the matchup.

The victory in game 1 was very hard fought. Crown was a constant target of the enemy team.

Ambition: If he had died 4 to 5 times, it would've had a big impact on his mentality. But since he died 9 times, I think he just achieved the state of nirvana.

CuVee also had a very hard time in the early-game.

Ruler: He had also died quite a number of times... but he did well in both splitpushing and teamfights, so we didn't think too much of it.

You guys weren't concerned despite the state of toplane?

Ruler: Since we had the advantage in botlane, we told each other that we can win if we play it out well. 

You were probably looking for an opening to initiate all throughout game 1. What kind of an opening were you looking for?

Ambition: The game was in a very frustrating state. Since we had died so many times, we couldn't become certain that we'd win a fight. So in the end, we used the Vel'Koz's death to initiate.

Trick's Kha'Zix did work today. As the opposing jungler, were you pressured at all?

Ambition: We feel oppressed when we are at a disadvantage and not necessarily because someone on the enemy team is performing well. At first, I thought, "1 death is okay," but as the game progressed, we constantly died, and that's why the game became so difficult. 

During the last teamfight in game 1, you guys started at a disadvantage, but after killing the enemy ADC, the situation turned. 

Ruler: We started the fight with two dead, but fortunately, the enemy team's position was really scrambled, so we said "let's go for that one," and went in.

Who led that teamfight?

Ruler: I think me...?

How about you Edgar, did you think your team was going to win that fight?

Edgar: I didn't think that they'd lose, but it did look like a very difficult fight at the time. I think it went well thanks to CuVee.

Your picks and bans in game 2 were similar to that of game 1.

Edgar: Since the only remaining "good" midlane pick left was Azir, we decided to give it over and pick Vel'Koz. That's what we did during practice - if the enemy takes Azir, we pick Vel'Koz, and if they don't, we take him for ourselves.

Like how you've done today, if a lot of ADCs are banned, is Tristana a good pick?

Ruler: Since my Varus is basically permanently banned... Tristana is good in that scenario.

In game 2, Zac's ultimate into Vel'Koz's ultimate worked out really good.

Ambition: The enemy didn't have flash, and Sejuani missed her ultimate, so it was a great kill opportunity. And to be honest, I only went in because I thought Vel'Koz was going to die, but it ended up working out.

Did you have a fun time watching game 2, Edgar?

Edgar: No, it wasn't. There were some struggles and... I'm just glad that they were able to remain concentrated and won. They have been practicing really hard lately, so I'm sure they'll get better in time.

CuVee constantly killed either Baron or Elder Dragon. Was it something that was planned beforehand?

Ambition: In game 2, I used Smite on Baron, but it didn't finish him. I became a bit startled... As for the Elder Dragon, Camille's Q is stronger than Smite, so... We just played with a mindset that we had 2 junglers while the enemy team had only 1. 

What abbreviation do you use for Tristana?

Ruler: I prefer to call her Tu-Ta.

Do you put Flash on F or D?

Ruler: D!

Ambition: F.

Edgar: F.

Any last words for fans?

Ruler: We've been showing poor performance recently, but we won today, and we'll continue to improve from here. Thank you for always cheering for us.

Ambition: It wasn't easy... and we'll do our best to recover our past performance.

Edgar: I'm glad that we won today despite having performed so poorly in recent times. Crown has personally been having a hard time, so please show him your love and support him. I've been slacking on taking care of the players, but now, they're getting back on track. Please expect good things to come from us.

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