KSV CoreJJ on Recent Struggles: "I even worried that we might end up playing in the Promotions match..."

On the 7th of March, at the Seoul OGN eStadium, the 32nd day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd day of the series, KSV took down bbq Olivers with a score of 2-0. Both sets weren't easy, but KSV remained focused. During the series, CoreJJ played reliably as he always did, leading his team to victory.

The following is an interview with CoreJJ. 


Ambition on Crown's Smile: "When he died 9 times, I think he achieved the state of nirvana"

Today's victory was a very valuable one. How do you feel?

We've been performing poorly recently, and we've lost too many games because of it. Honestly, I even worried that we might end up playing in the Promotions match... We played with a mindset of, "let's start over from the beginning." I'm glad that we won today.

How was today's match? It was pretty hard fought.

Our victory had flaws. But I'm glad that we were able to play the composition that we had prepared.

What was the problem that caused your team to underperform?

We didn't just lose 1 or 2 games, we lost way too many... I think there were problems everywhere.

People have been saying that KSV will be at a disadvantage in patch 8.4. What's your opinion?

Personally, I'm glad that a major patch hit when we were struggling. It became a turning point for us.

Do you like the patch?

I do.

Previously, comebacks happened easily; even if you were at a disadvantage, as long as you endured and made it into the late-game, there was always a chance of a comeback. But now, if you are at a disadvantage, you have to play much more proactively to win. It's much more fun.

Your next opponent is KT Rolster. How will you prepare for the match?

KT is a strong team - especially their botlane. Winning the laning phase in the botlane will be important.

Today, Ruler played really well. Has he recovered his performance?

I'm not sure if he had lost his form in the first place. It's only that, I think he had lost a lot of his confidence. Through today's game, I think he'll find his confidence again and start playing like he used.

Any last words?

Many people became sad whenever we lost... I felt really sorry for them. I want to do my best to prevent that from happening.

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