MVP Max: "I wish we could be evaluated by our gaming skills, and not for being so handsome."

On the 25th of February in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, MVP defeated bbq Olivers and shook up the rankings at the bottom of the leaderboard. As for bbq, they defeated Kingzone DragonX in the last match, but they weren’t able to overcome their natural enemy.

Early in game 1, bbq tried to benefit by ganking the top lane, but with ADD’s kiting and Beyond’s support, MVP turned the table and took two kills first. Afterwards, Beyond contributed to the team in the other lanes and maintained the lead. The early lead led to objectives and MVP had a perfect game.

MVP had a good run in game 2 as well. Bbq tried to initaite teamfights With Orn and Skarner’s ultimates, but Max’s Rakan stopped them continuously and other players kept on surviving the attacks. Although bbq had a few comebacks in teamfights, but MVP’s DPS players blocked them from making bigger profit.

As a result, MVP took the victory and the record between each other became 16-5 (MVP leads).

After the match, Max and Beyond were voted as MVPs and were interviewed by SPOTV.

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Q. You won today, how do you feel?

Beyond: When we were preparing the match, our coach said “You guys are good enough. Concentrate and don’t make mistakes. Ease your mind.” We did as he said and everything went well, so I feel good.

Q. How was today’s match?

Max: Our team thought Xayah-Rakan combination was really good, so we thought of taking those two without considering any of the opponent’s picks and the game went as we thought.

Q. It was a massive win, game 1. Did you feel that everything was going well?

Beyond: When we countered the opponent’s ganking and made two kills, we thought that we won this match, and we told each other not to make mistakes.

Q. In game 2, there were a few critical situations because you lost a few teamfights.

Max: I think that’s the part our team is lacking. That also means that we still have something to develop. We’ll become better, so please continue to watch us.

Q. Beyond’s ganking was very sharp in game 1. Was there any calls when you jumped into the bottom lane?

Beyond: The others told me that Skarner doesn’t have Flash and that he’s visible on the minimap. We didn’t give the opponents any chance and took all the chances for ourselves.

Q. Who was the main shotcaller today?

Beyond: In game 1, Zac was the main pick, so I did the shotcalls. In game 2, Rakan did.

Q. What was the most memorable moment in game 2?

Max: I only thought that we won, so I don’t really remember any moments. (After watching video of killing Azir in front of the Drake’s nest) If Azir is standing there like that, he’ll die no matter what, but seizing that moment of opponent’s mistakes is an important ability of a player.

Q. How about cutting off IgNar near Baron?

Max: I thought that it wasn’t a good chance, but our DPS players did well.

Q. MVP and bbq rivalry is quite famous. How was the tension between you two before the match?

Max: I met Ghost when I went to the bathroom, and he said “Play Lux, we’ll play Blitzcrank.” Such nonsense. I just thought ‘We’ll beat you.’

Q. The record between the two teams is very one sided. Did you think that you must win when you play against bbq?

Beyond: When we were in the Challengers league, we were rivals, so I really didn’t want to lose.

Q. The fans are significantly louder for MVP. What’s your secret to your popularity?

Max: I think… our good looks? (Crowd cheers loudly) But I wish we could be evaluated by our gaming skills, and not for being so handsome. (Laughs)

Beyond: I thought of the same thing, appearance, but Max already said that. Our team is very cheerful and our fans are too. I think we’re more popular because of that cheerfulness.

Q. Many players with glasses are doing well in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Do you think MVP will continue to do well like they did?

Beyond: We started round 2 with a win, so I think we’ll be able to continue this flow.

▲ MVP's team mascot, Ggobugi.

Q. The team mascot, Ggobugi (pet pig) likes the housekeeper, then the coach and Maha. Who does he like after that?

Max: He likes the head coach the most, and then it’s as what you said. After Maha, I think it’s Ian.

Q. Then who does he like least?

Beyond: (Raises hand) I don’t really know, but he tends to avoid me whenever he sees me.

Q. Any last comments?

Ian: Today’s victory is because of all these fans. Thank you! (Waving)
ADD: I’m very satisfied that our win today was very clean. We’ll become a stronger team.
Pilot: I think we all did well today. We’ll prepare the next match well and do our best to deliver good performance.
Maha: I didn’t play today, but I’m thankful that everyone did well. I’ll do my best as well.

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